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Long time without a post. Here’s a light appetizer, an “experiment into light and colour” by Jack Webster-Dunstan and Sharif Elsabagh. The song is A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaning(less) Process (by Stars of the Lid); as well as the video.



Yekpare narrates the 8500 year story of Istanbul. The story embraces symbols from Pagans to Roman Empire, from Byzantine Empire to Latin Empire, and finally from Ottoman Empire to Istanbul at the present day.

Yekpare is the work of Deniz Kader and Candaş Şişman and was produced at Nerdworking. Haydarpaşa Train Station, with its brilliant architectural forms, is the building on which the story is projected.

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Tokyo Sky Drive: Night (version 1)

Nothing crafty here. To do the magic, cat2525jp just needed a cool concept and a nice video trick. Oh, and a cool soundtrack by Sugar Plant. And Tokyo. And probably also some legal stuff to be settled before you can attach your camera to a train. But whatever, enjoy!

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Here’s the cycle of life, according to Nigel Upchurch. The song is Cha Cha by the Heliocentrics

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MARCO BRAMBILLA – Civilization

The video mural by Marco Brambilla is comprised of over 400 video clips and it takes elevator passengers on a trip from hell to heaven as they go up or from heaven to hell as they go down.

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Building Urban Motion (Oneiric activity of a surface)

You have to remember that this process of frightening is doneby means of a given medium, the medium of pure cinema.

Video installation built on the facade og the building house of the Cinema Arcobaleno and Hotel St. George in Milan.
“Let’s imagine the facade of a building could have a memory and a conscience of its [...]

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FILIPPO BARBIERI – Infinite Self Portrait (x2)

Grasping at the immutable self.
∞-Self-Portrait is a short video produced at ilOYOli LAb for Roma Europa Web Factory.
Images and music by Filippo Barbieri. Music box melody by Federico Bruno.
Alla ricerca del sé immutabile.
∞-Self-Portrait è un video prodotto presso ilOYOli LAb per Roma Europa WebFactory.
Immagini e musica di Filippo Barbieri. Melodia del carillon: Federico Bruno.

© [...]

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The Electric Self: Not with a Bang

This is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsNot with a bang but a whimper.

“A ghost fights her memories.” Not with a Bang is an expressionist addition to The Electric Self anthology.
It could be the ghost of Nature who destroys the world created by humans. [...]

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In vellum motion is form and form is motion…

Looking for the face of humanity in the way man has shaped Nature, in his own image, the image of Man.
Robert Seidel, designer and maker of both the video and audio, synthesized the architectural Zeitgeist of Jena (Germany) his home town, and brought it to Seoul (Korea), [...]

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MARTHA SUE – Worlds Within Worlds

within worlds within worlds withing worlds within…

“…botany, internal organs, and the idea of worlds within worlds. A loose narrative springs from the confusion of scale; the idea of life existing within seeds, creating landscapes at levels so large or small that they are beyond our grasp. With every change in magnification, it seems like a [...]

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Processes: Living Paintings (Live @ Phyletic Museum)

I could have just updated the old post with the plates adding a link to this clip, but it really deserves its own post.
Here’s a short video of Living Paintings projected at the Phyletic Museum in Jena, Germany. It’s not exactly like having been there, but close enough.
Video artist, director and producer Robert Seidel [...]

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Processes: Living Paintings

Here’s a “35×16 meter full façade projection with a corresponding light choreography, ambient music and synced sound effects shown on the 2/2/2008 in Jena, Germany. It was especially created for the 100th anniversary of the Phyletic Museum founded by Ernst Haeckel as well as the Jena illuminated event, being part of the opening [...]

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