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City of Good: Clip Updated

City of Good, the short animated film by Shilo is now available in a high resolution clip. Enjoy!


Highway Star: Clip Updated

The cinematic for RockBand directed by Pete Candeland is now available in a new flavor: lower resolution but higher quality than the 720p Winmedia file from Game Trailers.


Annabell Lee: Post Updated

The short film The Fable of Annabell Lee by Fashionbuddha Studio is now available in HD. Broken links have been removed. Quote added.

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Escaping Oblivion

I really don’t know what to do. I’ve let this week pass by without updates because I’m too pissed off.

My connection works perfectly. Dreamhost says that my server is working perfectly too, and I believe them. The problem is somewhere in between — the host with IP address (= CogentCo gateway) for me — and there’s nothing neither me nor them can do about it.

I can’t even move my site elsewhere, because a complete backup, at this speed rate — 15KB/s in the (Europe) morning and 5KB/s in the (Europe) evening — would take about seven months.

Now: is it normal that, after two weeks (at least) of persisting issues, traffic from No Fat Clips!!! is still forwarded through a broken route? Wasn’t the Internet Protocol designed to find the best available route between two hosts? Does this means that Cogent is the only available option?

Sorry for the rant, but there’s little more I can do right now. In fact I could post stuff, even tho’ I wouldn’t be able to watch it myself! The irony…

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Cosmic Dancer: Clip Updated

Added a high resolution clip for Cosmic Dancer, part of the first edition of PSST! Pass it on. Also: updated the post for ClikClak.


Live Earth NY: Clip Updated

The short promo for the New York concert of the 2007 Live Earth event is now available in high resolution.


Cough Coughing: Clip Updated

The links for the music video for Cough Coughing were all broken. Fixed them and hosted a clip in house as well.


Over Time: Link Updated (+ Info)

Over Time is back again online. The original clip is lost somewhere on the net… Thanks to Alex for the heads up!

In other news: the Automaton now supports websites which redirects to a single clip (like Internet Archive) or to multiple clips (like Amazon AWS). Also, started the object oriented rewrite of the software.


Guinness Dot: Upgraded to HD

The spot by Psyop is now available in high definition. Zillions of links and the credit page has been added as well.


Vimeo Killed the Radio Button

I’ve just added a new feature to the blog: special support for Vimeo.

Check the post for Pigeon Pilfer and click the Vimeo link: the video is now played in a box. The script degrades gracefully: if JavaScript is disabled, the video opens in a new window.


The Forest: Updating the Clip

Sorry, the embedded clip for The Forest is incomplete. Don’t know what happened, but I’m uploading it again. Check back in an hour, or watch the short on the official site.


Snakes Can Fly: Clip Upgraded to Full HD

The ad for Blender has been re-released in HD, complete with the Blender files.



Where new things and old things come together and become one.


18 seconds: Film Updated

The version of the short movie Eighteen Seconds I posted has been replaced by the final cut, longer and with a voice over.
La versione del cortometraggio Eighteen Seconds postata è stata sostituita con quella finale, più lunga e con voce narrante.

REFERENCE: Il post di 18 segundos.

Ariel: Errata Corrige

The short clip Lady in Red was mistakenly attributed to MacGregor. Proper credits should go instead to Michael Sandberg. My fault.
La breve clip Lady in Red è stata attribuita erroneamente a MacGregor. L’attribuzione corretta va invece a Michael Sandberg. Colpa mia.

REFERENCE: Il post di Ariel Lady in Red.