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Vimeo Autoembed Fixed

The mood is a harsh mistress

Just noticed that the Vimeo autoembedding script was broken due to an unhandled redirect. Fixed it. Also updated the post for The Green Hornet.

Ho notato che lo script per l’autoembed da Vimeo era rotto a causa di un redirect non gestito. Aggiustatolo. Ho anche aggiornato il post di The Green [...]


The Terrible Cosmic Death: Post Updated

The post for the early MK12’s film gets an HD clip. It’s apparently an up-rez clip, but still better than the old one.


One Month Off: Clip Updated

The music video by Team D.A.D.D.Y. for the song One Month Off by Bloc Party is now available in DVD quality, with embedded version and all.


Seahorses: Errata Corrige

The music video for The Ghost in You’s Seahorses has been directed by Matt Spicer and not by Billy Polard as I mistakenly wrote yesterday.


Pause 2008 Titles: Clip Updated

The titles for Pause 2008 are now available in a slightly better video quality. Also: broken links removed, new links and credit list added.


Drift Away: Clip Updated

The gorgeous short film Drift Away by Jean-Julien Pous has been upgraded to Full HD. Enjoy the show!


On Your Way: Link Added

Just noticed that in my last updated I messed up with the post for On Your Way. Now the link is back online.


Karibu Ya Bintou: Clip Updated

The previous video for Baloji — the song was Karibu Ya Bintou — has also been upgraded to high definition video.


Beatles Rock Band Intro: Clip Updated

Updated the Intro for The Beatles’ game with a higher quality version, removed dead links and added new ones.


Off the Shelf: Clip Updated

Whitestone Motion Pictures‘ film Off the Shelf is now available as a Full HD download.

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Dragonflies and Astronauts: Post Updated

This music video from 2006 also got a better quality, high resolution clip, while the old link has dead, probably for a long time.


VH1 Seasonal Greetings: Clip Updated

The Christmas themed clip by Man vs Machine is now available in high resolution.


Protect Our Waves Credits: Clip Fixed

The High Definition clip for Protect Our Waves Titles ain’t been fully uploaded. I’ve just put it online. Sorry about the mishap!

La clip in alta definizione per i titoli di Protect Our Waves non era stata caricata in pieno. L’ho rimessa online. Scusate il casino!

thanks Max!


Graffiti: Clip Updated to HD

The spot for AIDES can now be downloaded in HD. I’ve only provided a Quicktime clip, but it should be playable with any free player.


Burma: Clip Update

The short film by Shilo is now available in high definition.