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Computer Graphics: Synthetic Worlds and Designed Realities

The new book by Alessandro Amaducci (Not with a Bang, Flesh Paths) has been released for Kaplan. The title translates to Computer Graphics: Synthetic Worlds and Designed Realities.
The book “relies about creative computer graphics which are creating a brand new aesthetic of the audio visual media, suspended between art drawings and photo-realism.”
Along with the work [...]


Stash Short Films Vol. 1

With the likes of A Gentleman’s Duel, Over Time, Gary and (one of my favourite clips ever) Conehead, just to say the first who came to my mind, this Stash Short Films Vol. 1 DVD will hardly disappointed any of you.

Each and every short included in the DVD is noteworthy not just for the technical achievements, for the amusing story and imagery, for the artistic impression: in fact, it’s because none of these aspects has been neglected in favour of the others, making for a little but still (or even more) perfect gem of filmmaking.

The included booklet gives you the basic information about the shorts, and sometimes about their making; at the end of each page is a link to a web page on the Stash website with additional details.

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