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Just Hankin’ around

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Hey Boys, Hey Gals!

Wow, so much spam accumulated in 10 days that the “Empty Spam” procedure has timed out.


No Fat Charlie

Excerpt from Chapter 4 of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys.


…as the Tibetan Book of Dead says.

Tired of lazy tastebuds? Has boiled cabbage taken over your world of food? That same old, stale, flat, Monday-morning odor no matter how many dimes you put into your stove? DeK changes all that; DeK wakes up food flavor, puts hearty taste back where it belongs, and restores fine food smell.

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Meebo Randomness

It was a lot of time I didn’t open my Meebo account. I’m giving here the most compelling answers, and deal with clip tips later.
“I LOVE LESBIANS“. It’s OK: if you’re a woman, then you’re lesbian too. If you’re a man, well, that’s more common than you might think: the question is whether lesbians love [...]


God: Remove to Play

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this documentunder the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License
ORIGINAL IMAGE: 15-puzzle-02.jpg

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Today I Feel Exxxtreme…

…like this!


Someone told me long agothere is calm before the storm,I know, it’s been coming for some time.

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rainI wanna know, have you ever seen the rainComin’ down on a sunny dayYeaaaaaaaaaaaah
Ok, I’m fine now.
Aivuananò eviu eva sindereinAivuananò eviu eva sindereinComindaun onasannideiGlieaaaaaaaa
Va bene, ora mi sto bene.

Carbohydrates and Proteins

Somebody just asked me what kind of clips are on my website. Luckily enough, I wasn’t there to (not) answer…
I mean: I know what kind of clips I don’t post here, and this is reflected by the same name of this website.
But what I do post? I guess it depends on so many factors (including [...]

Pluto Revenge

Seems like it’s the hype of the moment…
Copyright for the source images is of the owners. Don’t wanna make any harm. Just have some fun… UPDATE: take a look at the work of people who really know how to photoshop…
Sembra che non si parli d’altro…
Il copyright sulle immagini originale e’ degli aventi diritto. Non [...]

Italia uber ass… ehm, alles!

Clips will come back tomorrow! :)
Lo ammetto.Ho goduto come un riccio.
I video tornano domani! :)

tnx to Ery for the panorama…