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Ni hao!

Greetings to all our visitors from China, Hong Kong and/or Taiwan. Nice to know there is so many people there loving No Fat Clips!!! and nice boobs. Mostly boobs, I guess.

While the traffic peak decreases, I’ll leave the site alone for a day. In the meanwhile, you might join David Corbacho on his new project called 70 ideas.


I’m a consumer whore!

My new UPS is installed and ready. As it is my new Blu Ray player. And my new Full HD television. Connecting cables is a great anti-stress.


Damn -__-

Posting resume is postponed to whenever I’ll be able to keep my PC on for more than 30 minutes. Will buy an UPS. Also, there’s more than 150 e-mails and private messages to answer. Be patient, yet again.


Outside Event Horizon

Tomorrow regular posting will resume. The Cogent throughput issue has been the cherry top on a very bad period I hope I’ve finally left behind me. Thanks for your moral support.

Domani riprenderò a postare regolarmente. Il problema di Cogent è stato la cieliegina sulla torta di un brutto periodo che spero di essermi lasciato alle [...]

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Sorry Guys

Apparently my website is very fast in the USA and very slow in Europe. And I’m in Europe. I’ve notified Dreamhost, but I guess it’s not their fault at all.


Meebo Functions

The Meebo Me widget is working again. Many thanks to the Meebo support for promptly solving the problem. Obviously, the pending messages are gone forever.

Il coso di Meebo Me funziona di nuovo. Un grosso grazie allo staff Meebo per la pronta risoluzione del problema. Ovviamente, i messaggi in giacenza sono andati perduti.

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Meebo Malfunctions

The Meebo Me widget is working bad, if at all. I’m not getting messages, I don’t even see people online. (Even when nobody’s online, I should at least see me…)

I’m leaving it online for the support staff to test, but you’d better not use it. You can get in touch with me in dozens of other ways (Twitter, MySpace, Vimeo…) I’ve never used Twitter a lot, but I just installed Echofon, a Twitter client for Firefox, so feel free to tweet me.

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Password? WTF?!?

If you’ve been asked for a password when trying to view credits, previews or Vimeo videos, that’s my fault. I’ve mistakenly activated authentication on the directory where the Automaton resides. Fixed now.

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Harder, Better, Faster, Weaker

Hey there! A strange case of flu forced me to bed in the last days, but I’m up and running again (mostly I run to the bathroom, but still running…)

In other news, Pedro López posted (on Facebook) about No Fat Clips!!! being shown on Spanish television. Awesome!

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Mail and Comments

Hey! I just received my first post package sent to Nofatclips. Awesome! (In fact, the postman delivered it to my neighbor…)

In other news, I’ve added the canonical URL to single post pages, so that Google webmaster tools should stop bothering about duplicate pages. Some precious info found at Live Experience.

The Automaton has now the possibility to add specific support for a single website along with generic routines. I’ve used it for Spy Films.

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Blogspot legacy

Fixed some backward compatibility issues.

First: if you’re accessing from Blogspot, a box displays to tell the good news about Wordpress. Second: wrote a simple plugin that redirects alternate “cases” for tags to the main one.

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Opening Comments

I’m going to stay a couple of days away. Since Akismet seems to do his work quite well, I’m going to open the comments, so that your thoughts will be published immediately, if they pass the Akismet filter.

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Spam! Lovely Spam!

Argh! While deleting spam, I’ve mistakenly deleted a legitimate comment by Jacob Corn. Sorry about that. I’ve installed the Akismet plugin which, in the long run, will take care this never to happen again.


More Links

Short of the Week featured my review of Robin Risser’s Solitude and an interview with the author by Andrew Allen.
I’ve also modified my blog theme so that I can add every link I want to the “middle bar”. Tested it on my post for Solitude.

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To Blank or not to Blank

I removed the “target blank” attribute from external links: this means that when clicking on a link, the page opens in the same window, unless you explicitly open it in a new window or tab. Let me know if you prefer it this way or the old way.