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Dark Side of the Mood

My computer is about to die. I’m gonna need a bigger boat. Stay tuned.

Il mio computer sta schiattando. Restate sintonizzati mentre vedo e provvedo…


Q&A: World Builder [Warning: Spoilers!!!]

Q: There was a short movie which takes ib a hospital. There was a sick girl and her life depends on machine. But her boyfriend creates a new world for her and wants to show her. What was that short movie? Where is it?

A: The movie is World Builder and can be seen on No Fat Clips!!! as well as many other websites.


And you call this a post?

Okay, today should be the day. Will try and publish new posts regularly again. There are hundreds of mails and messages to answer. Will try and deal with all of them, but it’ll take time. For urgent requests, you should probably write me again.


Rad(ar) Music Videos

Founded by Caroline Bottomley, Radar is “the meeting place for music video directors and commissioners”. Commissioners send in their briefs, filmmakers answer with their treatments, and when two of them meet, a new music video is born. Easy as pie, and it takes much less than nine months!


Stash Online

Stash abandoned the DVD not in favor of the BluRay but to go online only. Thirteen dollars a month, and you get access to fresh content as well as the whole archive of old stuff.



You can now found some posts of yours truly as part of that cool website called Ventilate. As I do an Ticklebooth, Qblog and Antville, some content will be taken from here, some content will be just for Ventilate.


Glow of the Week

Just a note to say that my review of Tokyo/Glow has been published on Short of the Week.

Also, if you follow Cartoon Brew, you’d like to know that our overlords from Google do not consider it a threat to your security anymore.


I’m Here

Two things. First: I’m Here, that is Spike Jonze’s film for Absolut Vodka is available for online viewing. And it’s great, if you can stand a little corniness.

Second: I’ve updated my version of Quicktime, since the latest finally introduced Prores 422 decoding on PC. This new version can also play almost any clip encoded with any profile of X.264 so I’ll use the better profile available: hence, newly encoded clips might not play on old versions of Quicktime.

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To Fellow Dreamhosters

I just discovered that the Cache plugin for Wordpress stopped working after the site was moved to a new server. If you’re running WP with Super Cache, and your site was moved too (that’s a big if) there’s a fat chance that the same happened to you.

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Infinite Scrolling

Since my website load very slowly for some, I’ve reduced the number of posts on the home page from 30 to 12 and installed the Infinite Scrolling plugin: more posts are retrieved when your scrolling your way to the bottom of the page.

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Similo et Similia

Remember the amazing short film Similo? Well, it was actually a teaser for a 25 minutes short film and its authors are collecting funds to complete the post production. So, watch the old short, perhaps read this interview, and then head to Kickstarter.

And for the similia: Ayyaz Waraich (White Red Panic) brought to my attention two new projects. The Divine River, a sci-fi thriller directed by Ayz himself, currently in post production. And Frame 137, directed by Judd Tilyard, produced by Judd and Ayz and based on the work of James O’Barr. Enjoy the trailers and start waiting.

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Ups and Downs

So, No Fat Clips!!! has been moved is on the new server. Credit lists, previews and rotating images has been affected by the move, but I’ve addressed the problem right now. Tell me if you find any other glitch.


Fluctuations in the Cyberspace

Dreamhost is moving my site again, this time to new shiny 64 bit servers. It should happen in the next days, but I’m not sure when exactly.

Expect down time during the move and errors while I update the system paths. The good news is that the new file servers should be able to manage a heavier load.


Some Work in Progress

I’m performing a backup of the site database and will upgrade to the latest version of Wordpress.


Legacy Sucks

Woops! It seems my index file was still pointing to Blogspot, so people opening (sans dekku) were rebounded on the old blog, and then again on the new one. This should be fixed now.