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Convergence (28/05/2010)

On Ticklebooth, I’ve posted The Secret Powers of Time from the RSAnimate project and the short film Leader of the Pack.

On Computer Love, the new project from Tokyo Plastic, Echo San and a spot by Laundry entitled Bag Monster.

On antville, the music videos for A Man Alone (dir. Wiley Wiggins) and for Segment (dir. Michael Robinson).

On Ventilate, the Secret Training Camp spot featuring the Socceroos team and the kinky music video for Giddy Up!

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Convergence (24/05/2010)

My posts of the past days. The music videos for Día de los Muertos on antville and Wasted on Ventilate.

The short film When the Time is Ripe on Ticklebooth. The promo film The Metamorphosis of Osdorp on ComputerLove.

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Convergence (21/05/2010)

Posted the music videos for Mark Ronson’s Circuit Breaker, a Zelda homage, and for Reflection Eternal’s Midnight Hour.

On Ticklebooth, I’ve added the short film Love & Theft by Andreas Hykade. And finally, here’s the presentation video of a new studio, Cokau.

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Convergence (19/05/2010)

A couple of things worth pointing to. One is Singalong Paul, the ongoing project of director Adam Bizanski. Not your regular lip-synch video. The other is the short film Partita lenta by Paolo Sorrentino.

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Convergence (14/05/2010)

Some things I posted around the web worth seeing: the music video for What’s in it for Me. The director reel of Alex de Campi.

The short film Backwards is what it seems but also not! And Lucio Arese’s music video for Repeatedly is a keeper. Also, Fashionbuddha added their new spot Rise and Thrive to my Video Download group on Vimeo.

Convergence (12/05/2010)

On antville, I’ve posted the music video for UNKLE’s Follow Me Down. Another music promo on Ventilate: the track is Princess. And a short film on Ticklebooth: The Big Thing.

A mention for Cartoon Brew featuring this short animated film entitled Above Then Beyond, that is causing a lot of debate.

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Convergence (10/5/2010)

Yesterday I mostly slept and then tried to wake up (OK, I’ve also worked on extending the plugin capabilites of Smarty) but Monday was an active day.

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Convergence: The Return

Links to my posts on other blogs and websites from 8/5 to 9/5.

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Convergence the Week-start

The music video for Rolling StonesPlundered my Soul. The broadcast spot Mr.Burton’s Rabbit Hole from Spanish studio UnitedFakes. The music videos for I can Hardly Wait and Islands. Bonus link: Selfportraits by Francesco Sambo.

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Converging the Week-end

Hey there! I noticed there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve posted last week but haven’t reported in my previous convergence posts, so…

The third installment in Bryce Wymer’s project Flat Earth: David sold the giant’s body to six eager scientists for a healthy bounty. The teaser trailer for Max Hattler’s Spin.

The short film Lightheaded by Mike Dacko.

Also, bobafettich posted the new music video by Floria Sigismondi for the song Die by the Drop.

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Convergence (15/03/2010)

Last converging post for this week. I’ll be mostly offline this weekend, so there will hardly be any update until Sunday night at least. Will schedule a best of post, as usual.
A lot of interesting music video were released this week. Among them: Yowser Yowser Yowser and Gently Gently share more than having a six [...]

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Convergence (14/03/2010)

Looks like this week ain’t gonna hit too hard on my blogging. So, here’s the things I’ve posted (or thought about posting) yesterday around the web.
It’s probably everywhere, but I should mention The 3D Truth in Old Masters, since it will probably not appear here soon. The music video for Wail to God is not [...]

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Convergence (13/03/2010)

A list of external posts from my network, in case you might have missed something.

On cpluv, the trailer for Dark Ride, an interactive online film for Lexus. On antville, the music video for Road Regrets. On Ventilate, the portfolio of Lola Dupré, amazing crafty stuff. On Ticklebooth, Ajit posted the short film The Last 3 Minutes.

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Pretty intense day for posting, yesterday, so I thought I could make a recap for your convenience and as a reminder to myself. Maybe I should do this everyday?

Posted the music video for the song Beauty through Order by The Slayer. Posted the short film Another Story Without Words. Also posted the new iamamiwhoami video on antville. And finally posted the music video for I Own You.

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