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[BEST OF] April 2010 Pt.2

Why selecting when I can just link them all?

Marching Through Your Head: go there, up to the peak of the Olympus.

Gebroken Wit: hope.

Blue Eyed Universe: deep space.

Clac!“: birds and other calamities.

Nokta: power, chance and luck.

Grand Central: yarn!

Animation Tag Attack: exquisite corpse project.

Instrumental Video Nine: making music.

Yowser Yowser Yowser: engage!

Boob: bad surgery.

And the Walls Came Down: parallels.

Operator: take control!

Float: from Karni & Saul.

Life n’ Roll: (de)motivational.

The Wizard Of Dogz: woof.

The Raven: the chase is on.

Between: obscure fantasies.

Moodbot: share!

La Main des Maîtres: The hand of the masters.

Corazon en fuego: Heart on fire.

Joy Fantastic: groovy!

Cañón: lethal weapon.

The Anachronism: an enigmatic encounter.

One Month Off: fairy tales.

Haunted Girl: photomation.

Distraxion: short and sweet.

Round 6: fragball.

Perché selezionarli, quando posso linkarli tutti?

Marching Through Your Head: sulla cima dell’olimpo c’è una magica città…

Gebroken Wit: speranza.

Blue Eyed Universe: spazio profondo.

Clac!“: uccelli ed altre calamità.

Nokta: potere, opportunità, fortuna.

Grand Central: filo!

Animation Tag Attack: progetto di cadavre exquis.

Instrumental Video Nine: facendo musica.

Yowser Yowser Yowser: engage!

Boob: chirurgia andata a male.

And the Walls Came Down: paralleli.

Operator: prendi il comando!

Float: da Karni & Saul.

Life n’ Roll: (de)motivational.

The Wizard Of Dogz: bau.

The Raven: la caccia è aperta.

Between: oscure fantasie.

Moodbot: condividi!

La Main des Maîtres: La mano dei padroni.

Corazon en fuego: Cuori infuocati.

Joy Fantastic: groovy!

Cañón: arma letale.

The Anachronism: un enigmatico incontro.

One Month Off: favole.

Haunted Girl: photomation.

Distraxion: breve e succoso.

Round 6: fragball.

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