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Convergence: The Return

A.S. This was supposed to be here 12 hours ago. Something went wrong (and no, I don’t use AM/PM exactly for this reason…

By popular request (of mine) the corner devoted to links to content I post on other websites (the online equivalent of a commendation for adultery) is back!

Posted the beautiful documentary Up There on Ticklebooth, and the equally beautiful The Promised Land on Computer Love.

An excerpt from Extn.21 is on Ventilate, with its making of video, while the music video for Tiger is up at antville.

Last but not least, Heartless: The Story of the Tinman, the new short film by Whitestone, is on the home page of Milk and Cookies.

A.S. Questo doveva apparire 12 ore fa. Qualche cosa deve essere andato storto. E no, non uso AM/PM proprio per evitare questo…

A grande richiesta (mia) l’angolo dedicato ai contenuti che posto sugli altri siti web (quasi l’equivalente online di un panegirico dell’adulterio) ritorna!

Ho postato il bel documentario Up There su Ticklebooth, e l’ugualmente bello The Promised Land su Computer Love.

Un estratto da Extn.21 è su Ventilate, insieme al making of, mentre il video musicale per Tiger l’ho messo su antville.

Ultimo ma non ultimo, Heartless: The Story of the Tinman, il nuovo corto di Whitestone, è sulla home page di Milk and Cookies.

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