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The biggest present, is to discover that life is a moment you define.
Warning: NSFW!!!

Less Talk More Action

If you wanna make the perfect present, you got to surprise people: that’s way I always gave them nothing. Which is not what happens in this video, at all.

The short film, starring Gry Bay, has been directed by Caroline Sascha and was produced at Pasha Boom Parts.

Cinematographer: Magnus Nordenhof Jenck. Editor: Benjamin Binderup. Music and Sound Design: Mads Heldtberg.

NOTE: The embedding comes from Dailymotion, rather than from clips hosted in house, but links for downloading are provided below, as usually.

Se vuoi fare il regalo perfetto, devi sorprenderla la gente: è per questo che non regalo mai niente. Il che non è affatto ciò che succede in questo video.

Il corto, con protagonista Gry Bay, è stato diretto da Caroline Sascha e prodotto presso Pasha Boom Parts.

Direttore delle luci: Magnus Nordenhof Jenck. Montatore: Benjamin Binderup. Musica e progetto del suono: Mads Heldtberg.

NOTA: L’embedding proviene da Dailymotion, piuttosto che dalle clip ospitate sul sito, ma i link per il doanload sono qui sotto come solito.

thanks Caroline!
The Present

DOWNLOAD (720×576): Scarica The Present da Dropbox.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 97 MB - Running Time: 82 sec.]

DOWNLOAD (768×432): Scarica The Present in alta risoluzione.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 15 MB - Running Time: 82 sec.]

DOWNLOAD (768×576): Scarica The Present in alta risoluzione.
[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 82 sec.]

LINK: Visita Gry Bay.

LINK: Visita Magnus Nordenhof Jenck.

LINK: Visita Benjamin Binderup.

LINK: Visita Louise Bruun.

LINK: Visita Per Kapper.

LINK: Visita Welcome Post.

IMDB: Pagina di Caroline Sascha Cogez

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