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[BEST OF] March 2010 Pt. 2

Go go go go go!

Le chat: surreal and erotic.

Pubic Hair: well…

Trichrome Blue: spiritual emotion.

The Owl and the Squirrel: Could be raining!

Tokyo Sky Drive: simple and effective.

Homunculus: they rise.

The Lady and the Reaper: La dama y la muerte.

Levity: 2 children escape the war.

The Future of Air Travel: the present, now.

The Ostrich: paper marionette.

The Legend of Speed: more Nike.

Retina: choreographed, mechanical ballet of man and machine.

Matin d’hiver: the wool thing.

Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin: the kind of maths that does not end well.

Phillip the Safety Egg: not your typical medical drama.

Freeze Tag: cool spot.

Bless: old man confronts his fears.

Wojna: school of war.

Nemesis: underwear perverts.

Younger: tearing memories.

à Dada: woman gives birth to a tree.

Tide: a boy and his father.

Go go go go go!

Le chat: surreale ed erotico.

Pubic Hair: beh…

Trichrome Blue: emozione spirituale.

The Owl and the Squirrel: Potrebbe piovere!

Tokyo Sky Drive: semplice ed efficace.

Homunculus: spuntano dal nulla.

The Lady and the Reaper: La dama y la muerte.

Levity: 2 bambini fuggono dalla guerra.

The Future of Air Travel: il presente, ora.

The Ostrich: marionetta di carta.

The Legend of Speed: ancora Nike.

Retina: coreografico balletto meccanico fra uomo e macchina.

Matin d’hiver: sul filo di lana.

Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin: il tipo di equazione che finisce male.

Phillip the Safety Egg: non il tipico telefilm di medici.

Freeze Tag: spot figo.

Bless: un anziano uomo e le sue paure.

Wojna: scuola di guerra.

Nemesis: pervertiti in calzamaglia.

Younger: distruggere ricordi.

à Dada: uno donna partorisce un albero.

Tide: un ragazzo e suo padre.

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  1. Ajani | 18 May 2010 at 20:35 | Permalink


    I don’t even know which short film to watch first.


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