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Health – We are Water

You will love each other

Kinda Sober Makeup
Copyright Lovepump United / City Slang, 2010

Continuing with the analogy of a video dictionary, this may well be the page for grotesque. Or for a lot of other words for that matter. Feel free to pick up that one you like the most…

Health is a dance music band from Los Angeles, California. We are Water is featured on their album Get Color, released for Lovepump United.

The music video has been directed by Eric Wareheim and produced at Funk Factory. Director of Photography: Matt Lloyd. Edited by: Luke Lynch.

Special Effects by: Fatal Farm. Post production: Daniel Haworth. Styling by: Amanny Ahmad.

Proseguendo l’analogia del dizionario video, questa potrebbe essere la pagina di grottesco. E di tante altre parole, s’è per questo. Scegliete quella che più vi aggrada.

Health è un gruppo dance di Los Angeles in California. We are Water si trova sul loro album Get Color, uscito per Lovepump United.

Il video musicale è stato diretto da Eric Wareheim e prodotto presso Funk Factory. Direttore della fotografia: Matt Lloyd. Montaggio: Luke Lynch.

Effetti speciali: Fatal Farm. Post produzione: Daniel Haworth. Styling: Amanny Ahmad.


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LINK: Visita Eric Wareheim.

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LINK: Visita Health.

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