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EUN-HA PAEK – Now and Then

This poet of the Tsong dynasty is so miserable.
The wind sighs, a single swan passes over head
and he is alone on the water in his skiff.
If only he appreciated life in eleventh century China as much as I do.
No loud cartoons on television,
No music from the ice cream truck.
Just the calls of many birds
and the steady flow of the water clock.

Chinese Painting
Copyright © 2007

This makes me wonder about the relation between appreciating and enjoying. Just some lazy thoughts…

One of the videos in the series made as fillers for the Sundance Channel and based on the poetry of Billy Collins.

Directed and animated by Eun-Ha Paek at Milky Elephant. Creative agency: JWT, New York.

Mi fa riflettere sul rapporto che c’è fra l’apprezzare qualcosa ed il goderne. Vabbé, pensieri oziosi, i miei…

Uno dei video nella serie realizzata come “riempitivo” per Sundance Channel e basata sui versi di Billy Collins.

Regia ed animazione di Eun-Ha Paek presso Milky Elephant. Agenzia creativa: JWT di New York.

Now And Then

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LINK: Visita Billy Collins Action Poetry.

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