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Bluebrain – Ten by Ten

To resident:
You’re fucked

On A Boat Under The Rain

Some videos are just as orgasmic for the eyes as they’re for the brain attached to those eyes. This often happens when they ain’t orgasmic at all. But in some rare cases, a miracle happens. This is the miracle.

Bluebrain is Hays Holladay and Ryan Holladay, an indies duo from Washington DC.

The music video is the work of Gabe Askew who directed and animated. Additional 3D graphics by Austin Hernandez and James Atilano.

Alcuni video sono tanto orgasmici per gli occhi quanto per la mente attaccata a quegli occhi. Questo di solito accade quando non sono per niente orgasmici. Ma a volte accade il miracolo. Ecco, il miracolo.

I Bluebrain sono Hays Holladay e Ryan Holladay, un duo indie di Washington DC.

Il video musicale, regia ed animazione, è opera di Gabe Askew. Grafica 3D aggiuntiva di Austin Hernandez e James Atilano.

Copyright © 2010
Ten By Ten

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LINK: Visita Gabe Askew.

LINK: Visita Austin Hernandez.

LINK: Visita James Atilano.

LINK: Visita Bluebrain.

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