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BBC: The Wizard Of Dogz

Oh, how I wish for a brain…
What’s a brain?

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The Wizard of Dogz is a story that unfolds in a magical dog-inspired World of Oz, where the yellow brick road is paved with dog biscuits. Follow our canine friends as they embark on their journey to the Emerald City.”

The short film is a viral video for Over the Rainbow, a talent show to cast the role of Dorothy (and her best friend) in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s new musical based on The Wizard of Oz.

The film has been directed by Cassiano Prado and Liam O’ Connor and produced at Agile Films.

The Wizard of Dogz è un storia che si svolge in un magico mondo di cani ispirato ad Oz, dove la strada di mattoni gialli e lastricata di biscotti per cani. Seguite i nostri amici nel loro viaggio verso la Città di Smeraldo.”

Il corto è un video virale per Over the Rainbow, un talent show per assegnare il ruolo di Dorothy (e del suo miglior amico) nel nuovo musical di Andrew Lloyd Weber basato su Il mago di Oz.

Il film è stato diretto da Cassiano Prado e Liam O’ Connor e prodotto presso Agile Films.

The Wizard Of Dogz

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LINK: Visita Cassiano Prado.

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LINK: Visita Lauren Nikrooz.

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LINK: Visita Over The Rainbow.

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  1. FunkingDave | 30 December 2010 at 05:02 | Permalink

    Aiight already, you get a 10 outta 10.
    Good job, love the dawwgies, funny as hell, all that stuff…

    Thanx for sharin.

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