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Round 6

Round 6 shows an excerpt from the personal story of Snap, a Fragball gamer, as he plays out his last round of the game. The short film has been directed by Dave Levy and produced at Snowball Studios.

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Round 6: Making of Edit

Making of Edit for the short film Round 6 by Snowball Studios.

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Rauch (Smoke) is a surreal dream, the metaphor of a dreary, dead world composed from pictures of fantasy and reality. An experimental short film by Jan Goldfuss, made while studying at the Weimar University.

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Uçan Süpürge Kadın Filmleri Festivali: 2010 Trailer

The clip is a trailer for the 13th edition of the Flying Broom Women Film Festival, an event devoted to women’s cinema which will be held in May 2010 in Turkey.

The video has been designed and directed by Deniz Kader and Candaş Şişman. Sound design: Alican Okan.

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MIKE STERN – Distraxion

Short and sweet, Distraxion is a short film directed and animated by Mike Stern, made during his final terms at Animation Mentor.

Mike Stern works as an animator at Dreamworks Animation and has contributed to their last feature films: Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Vs. Aliens and How to Train Your Dragon.

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Module – Amethyst Caverns

Module (born Jeremiah Ross) is a musician and producer from New Zealand. Amethyst Caverns is a soundtrack composed for a level of the videogame Shatter. The music video has been edited, filmed and directed by Shatter’s lead artist Corie Geerders.

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Stouf and the Ghost – Haunted Girl

Haunted Girl is a fantastic music video and/or short movie based on the song performed by Stéphanie Cabdevila.

Directed by Antoine Arditti, the film uses photographs as raw material to create animation: like in Wolf and Pig, but also in a very different way.

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Bloc Party – One Month Off

In the land of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, the same old story goes on, but with a different kind of magic. The music video was directed by Team D.A.D.D.Y. and produced at Red Jam. Original footage from Ray Harryhausen’s films.

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A science expedition propels two children toward an enigmatic encounter at the edge of their known world. Arriving on an isolated beach, they stumble upon the shipwreck of a robotic squid submarine.

The Anachronism is a steampunk science-fiction short set in the late nineteenth century written and directed by Matthew Long.

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Munlet – Cañón

Munlet is a Spanish punk rock band. Cañón is featured on their latest album of the same name. The music video has been directed and animated by Pablo Fermin.

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Hudson Mohawke – Joy Fantastic

Hudson Mohawke (born Ross Birchard) is an electronic music producer and DJ from Glasgow, Scotland, affiliated with the LuckyMe collective.

Joy Fantastic, featuring Olivier Daysoul is a track from his first album, entitled Butter and released for Warp in 2009.

The music video has been directed and animated and produced by Tom Scholefield at Konx-om-Pax.

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YORIKO MURAKAMI – Corazon en Fuego

Corazon en Fuego (Heart on fire) is a short film animated in stop motion by Yoriko Murakami.

The short leaps from mood to mood, from corny drama to happy comedy, in a punctuated rather than gradual fashion.

The music has been composed by Patrick Kirst. Singer: Sara Leib. Guitar: Kayta Matsuno.

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Talkdemonic – Duality of Deathening

Talkdemonic is an avant-instrumental folktronic duo based in Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro.

Duality of Deathening is a track from their 2008 album entitled Eyes at Half Mast and released for Arena Rock Recording.

The music video is the work of Orie Weeks III. The middle part is inspired to the famous Der Mensch als Industriepalast by Fritz Kahn.

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Populous ft. Short Stories – The Holy See

Populous is Andrea Mangia, born in Sogliano Cavour, Italy, and currently signed at Morr Music.

The music video has been directed, edited and post produced by Francesco Brunotti.

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La Main des Maîtres

La Main des Maîtres (The hand of the masters) takes its graphical direction from the early 20th century’s Art Nouveau and Victorian styles. Beneath the graphics is the society of the working class during the industrial revolution as it relates to class struggle. The major artistic influence on the overall animation style is the painter Alfons Mucha. From this inspiration, everything went to Steampunk.

The short film is the work of three students of the Georges Méliès School (formerly EESA): Vivien Chauvet, Adrien Toupet and Clément Delatre.

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Zune Arts: Moodbot

The short film has been directed by Rob Shaw and produced by Jenny Grayson at Bent Director of Photography: Dan Ackerman. Lead Animator: Jeff Riley. Art Director: Rebecca Stillman.

The song is Dirty Laundry by Bitter:Sweet. Creative agency: 72 and Sunny.

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In the dark interstices between our memories and our feelings, obscure fantasies and fears creep and grow, parasites of our wild imagination.

Between is a short film by Tim Bollinger. Director of photography: Daniel Meinl. Sound Design: Michael Fakesch. Cast: Robert Schwartz, Ulla Stotz, Leo Stotz, Linus Lomenick.

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The fashion film has been directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock and produced by Mary Fostiropoulos at Stamp Films. Fashion design: Fred Butler with Rosy Nicholas.

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Convergence the Week-start

The music video for Rolling StonesPlundered my Soul. The broadcast spot Mr.Burton’s Rabbit Hole from Spanish studio UnitedFakes. The music videos for I can Hardly Wait and Islands. Bonus link: Selfportraits by Francesco Sambo.

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Chris Black (Victor Lopez) possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him. The chase is on as Chris runs for his life in this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles.

The Raven is a short film by Ricardo de Montreuil. Director of Photography: Andres Sanchez.

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2010 US Census: Living Mural

The concept is simple: bringing a community to life through the visual works of one muralist. Doing it, that’s another story.

The spot for the 2010 US Census aimed at the Latin community is the work of Digital Kitchen. Creative agency: Global Hue.

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Living Mural: Case Study

Case study for Living Mural spot by Digital Kitchen.

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BBC: The Wizard Of Dogz

The Wizard of Dogz is a story that unfolds in a magical dog-inspired World of Oz, where the yellow brick road is paved with dog biscuits. Follow our canine friends as they embark on their journey to the Emerald City.

The short film is a viral video for Over the Rainbow, a talent show to cast the role of Dorothy in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s new musical based on The Wizard of Oz.

The film has been directed by Cassiano Prado and Liam O’ Connor and produced at Agile Films.

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Rolling Stone: Life n’ Roll

The viral video for the Rolling Stone Magazine has been directed by Marco Gentile and produced at Diaviva.

Directors of Photography: Mauro Chiarello, Luca Esposito. Editor: Stuart Greenwald. Post Production: EDI. Creative agency: DaLV BBDO.

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Flogging Molly – Float

Flogging Molly is a seven-piece American Celtic punk band currently signed to Side One Dummy Records. Float is the title of their 2008 album as well as a song featured on that album.

The music video has been directed by Karni & Saul and produced at Flynn. Animators: Karni and Saul, Kostas Koutsoliotas, Steve Brown.

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Nexus One: Ninja’s Unboxing

Three ninjas unbox the new cellphone from Google the way they know better. Reminds me somewhat of International Karate +.

The spot has been directed and animated by Patrick Boivin. Sound and Music: Eric Pfalzgraf.

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Akamai Drone – Operator

Akamai Drone is an industrial rock band from Asheville, North Carolina, United States. The music video has been directed by Simon Kennedy. Computer graphics by Simon Kennedy and George Thomson.

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Cartoon Forum 2008: Trailer

A nice animated trailer for the 2008 edition of Cartoon Forum, held in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The film was directed by Max Lang and Regina Welker.

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ADAM WITTEN – And the Walls Came Down

Side are most the same than they are different, and in the end they must share the same fate. A raid in 2 parts.

A short film by Adam Witten, produced at Re:Birth Films, which uses the structure of the fugue to build a parallel into two story lines.

Written by: Martin Leicht. Producer: Justin Havlik. Director of Photography: Derek McKane. Editor: Justin Quagliata.

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A doctor performs an experimental procedure designed to remotely enhance a woman’s breast size… when an unfortunate surge of electricity brings her boob to life!

After watching this film, you will never look at boobs the way you did before. Unless you’re a man.

Written and directed by Honest. Director of photography: Martin Ahlgren. Editor: Craig Holzer.

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Converging the Week-end

Hey there! I noticed there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve posted last week but haven’t reported in my previous convergence posts, so…

The third installment in Bryce Wymer’s project Flat Earth: David sold the giant’s body to six eager scientists for a healthy bounty. The teaser trailer for Max Hattler’s Spin.

The short film Lightheaded by Mike Dacko.

Also, bobafettich posted the new music video by Floria Sigismondi for the song Die by the Drop.

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Gyratory System – Yowser Yowser Yowser

Gyratory System is effects trumpet player and producer Andrew Blick. Yowser Yowser Yowser is his latest single released for Angular Recording.

The music video, produced with a ridiculous 600$ budget, has been directed by Alex de Campi. Editing and post production: Alan Capriles.

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Instrumental Video Nine

Simple machines work together to make music in this fantastic and dynamic video by Mike Winkelmann AKA Beeple.

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[BEST OF] February 2010 Pt. 2

This is the best part after the first.

Mormor: granny.

Moonboy: sky is the limit.

Machine Gun: self destruction.

Orgy: not what you might think.

Measured Sacrifice: haunted past and uncertain future.

Radiorace: VHS-Scope.

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything: pretty much.

Biathlon: fuck yeah!

Spirit of Summer: Beach, Sausage Party and Celebration.

405: the internet video.

Eat Crap: junk food.

Pinkman: a new hero.

Tungijuq: an Inuit meditation.

I Say Fever: monkeys!

Burn and Rise: Beautiful and yet so fragile.

Mon(s)tre: monster clock.


[BEST OF] February 2010 Pt. 1

Hey, howdy! You’re here, now, while I don’t, so keep the place clean…
Nuit Blanche: wowzer.
Fast Relief: living cities.
Embrace Life: Always wear your seatbelt.
Eat Up Brain: eighty percent of this post will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.
A.D. Trailer: Zombies + The Unkle.
Les Sushis: an adventure of Roberto.
Her Morning Elegance: The Opposite Side [...]


Animation Tag Attack: Episodes 1-4

An interesting exquisite corpse project, this one started by Christen Bach. An animator gets 4 weeks to make at least 5 seconds of film. Then, the scene is posted online, and a new animator continues the film.

The clip posted has the first four scenes, respectively made by Christen Bach, Mads Juul, Andreas Normand Grøntved and Ned Wenlock. The fifth scene is being made by Oren Mashkovski.

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Convergence (15/03/2010)

Last converging post for this week. I’ll be mostly offline this weekend, so there will hardly be any update until Sunday night at least. Will schedule a best of post, as usual.
A lot of interesting music video were released this week. Among them: Yowser Yowser Yowser and Gently Gently share more than having a six [...]

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Tomasz Stańko Quintet – Grand Central

Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stańko, joined by a mix of Finnish and Danish musicians, breathed life into his new album, Dark Eyes, on which Grand Central is included.

The music video has been directed and animated by Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski. One kilometer of yarn was shaken and illuminated in different ways and shot in stop motion.

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Nokta .

Nokta (Dot) is an abstract film project which is an improvisation of organic pieces while considering themes like power, chance and luck. A short movie by Onur Senturk with sound design by Gavin Little at EchoLab.

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Nokta: The Making of

The Making of Nokta, short film by Onur Senturk.

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Convergence (14/03/2010)

Looks like this week ain’t gonna hit too hard on my blogging. So, here’s the things I’ve posted (or thought about posting) yesterday around the web.
It’s probably everywhere, but I should mention The 3D Truth in Old Masters, since it will probably not appear here soon. The music video for Wail to God is not [...]

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The short animated film has been made with the technique of the découpage, and is perhaps inspired by a scene from The Prestige, even tho’ the similarities are not very strong.

The authors are two students of the Supinfocom: Julien Hazebroucq and Monica Beramendi.

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Clac: Les bonus

Some bloopers and/or deleted scenes from Clac, the animated film by Monica Beramendi and Julien Hazebroucq.

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Fictionist – Blue Eyed Universe

A team of explorers embark on a mission in deep space, travelling through areas no man has been before. The music video is the work of director and animator Eric Power at Clear Productions.

The Fictionist is a band from Salt Lake City, USA. Blue Eyed Universe is a song from their second album, entitled Lasting Echo.

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Convergence (13/03/2010)

A list of external posts from my network, in case you might have missed something.

On cpluv, the trailer for Dark Ride, an interactive online film for Lexus. On antville, the music video for Road Regrets. On Ventilate, the portfolio of Lola Dupré, amazing crafty stuff. On Ticklebooth, Ajit posted the short film The Last 3 Minutes.

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Elly Nieman – Gebroken Wit

A song and a music video about hope, dedicated to Lida Koning, a mother who lost her own child.

Elly Nieman is best known as part of the Dutch duo Elly en Rikkert. Gebroken Wit is a track from her solo album Circusprinces. The music video, shot in Super 8, has been directed by Jonathan Sterkenburg of Muziektelevisie.

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Zeus – Marching Through Your Head

The video documents the journey of the band’s boots up to the peak of the mythical Mount Olympus in search of the Greek God of the sky, Zeus.

Zeus was born from the musical friendship of Toronto based musicians Mike O’Brien and Carlin Nicholson. Marching Through Your Head is the first single from their first full length album, Say Us.

The music video has been directed by Alan Poon and Adam Makarenko and produced by Jared Lorenz at Humble.

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Marching Through Your Head: The Making of

Directors Adam Makarenko and Alan Poon discuss the making of the video for Marching Through Your Head.

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Pretty intense day for posting, yesterday, so I thought I could make a recap for your convenience and as a reminder to myself. Maybe I should do this everyday?

Posted the music video for the song Beauty through Order by The Slayer. Posted the short film Another Story Without Words. Also posted the new iamamiwhoami video on antville. And finally posted the music video for I Own You.

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Moray McLaren – We Got Time

Moray McLaren is a Scottish singer-songwriter, now living in London. We Got Time is his first single.

All the animations were created, drawn and coloured by the director David Wilson. Production company: Blink.

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We Got Time: Making Of

All the animations seen in the music video were created in camera. No stopframe techniques, or computer super-imposing was used; what you see is what rolled off the camera.

The animations in the side-on views were produced by the camera capturing the moving reflections from the mirrored carousels, and the animations in the top-down views were created by matching the cameras frame rate to that of spinning record.

The transitions between each section of animation was created by simply cutting or wiping between the bits of footage.

The music video is the work of David Wilson. Behind the scenes video by Tom Kingsley and Tim Keeling.

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Tiger Beer: Taste it in this life

The spot has been directed by Jesse Warn and produced by Jack St. Rose at Film Construction.

Creatives: Mike O’Sullivan, Jay Benjamin, Andy DiLallo, Cameron Harris, Tom Hazeldine and Toby Talbot at Saatchi and Saatchi.

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CHRISTIAN SCHLAEFFER – The Return of John Frum

John Frum returns as an astronaut and businessman to the postindustrial wasteland of the financial service economy. Together with a native, he sets out for a conquest of the useless; then things get confused, and what begins as a journey turns into a trip far off the boundaries of logic and meaning.

This amazing short film, which would make an animation studio proud of their work, has actually been designed, directed and animated by one person, German student of design Christian Schlaeffer.

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Health – We are Water

Health is a dance music band from Los Angeles, California. We are Water is featured on their album Get Color, released for Lovepump United.

The music video has been directed by Eric Wareheim and produced at Funk Factory. Director of Photography: Matt Lloyd. Edited by: Luke Lynch.

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Royal Bank of Canada: Muffin Man

A fully animated spot taking the viewer through the runaway expansion of a muffin making business from a small stall to big company.

The spot was directed by Tom Perrett and Mark Perrett and produced by Melody Sylvester at Nexus.

Music and sound design: Brains & Hunch. Creative direction: Ian MacKellar, Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi at BBDO Toronto.

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EUN-HA PAEK – Now and Then

One of the videos in the series made as fillers for the Sundance Channel and based on the poetry of Billy Collins.

Directed and animated by Eun-Ha Paek at Milky Elephant. Creative agency: JWT, New York.

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I stand accused, just like you,
of being born without a silver spoon…

Copyright © 2002 University of Southern California

There are not a lot of biographic films here, but it turns out somebody did a film about the story of my file, so I felt obliged to post it…
The short movie is the work of Yoriko Murakami, [...]

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Lamborghini: The Pacemaker

At the dawn of time, when the universe was dark, an element arose over millions of years under extreme pressure: carbon. Exceptional, highly complex, present in all known life forms, and the foundation for a perfect material: carbon fiber.

Created at Sehsucht and directed by Hans Schultheiss and Ole Peters. Creative agency: Philipp & Keuntje.

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Persil: Roboboy

The touching story of a sad-eyed little robot who gradually transforms into a real living, breathing and playing boy as he kicks up the dry leaves, feels the grass under his feet, picks up a worm, catches raindrops on his tongue and sloshes about in a very muddy puddle.

The spot was directed by Philippe Andre and produced at Bikini Films. Creative agency: BBH.

Post produced at The Mill. Editor: Richard Orrick at Work.

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Behind the Scenes of Roboboy

Behind the Scenes of Roboboy, the commercial for Persil directed by Philippe Andre with visual effects by The Mill.

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The Head

The Head is an animated phantasmagoria that reminds the golden era of hand drawn animation without being a direct homage to that style, but rather pursuing a style of its own.

The film is the work of Matias Vigliano AKA Parquerama and Dante Zaballa AKA Podoboo. Sound design: Ariel Gandolfo AKA Nicholas van Orton.

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Off the Shelf: Clip Updated

Whitestone Motion Pictures‘ film Off the Shelf is now available as a Full HD download.

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A short film that will be loved by all those who can remember the days of the 8 bit computers: Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, the Commodore 64, Bomberman and probably more…

The movie has been directed by Patrick Jean and produced at One More Prod. Director of Photography: Matias Boucard.

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Industrial landscapes, bird flocks, sparkling tires. This short animated film is fast as hell and choke full of exquisite details. Try not to miss any!

All elements in the film, including the music, are the work of Shunsuke Saito.

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PES – Western Spaghetti

The movie has been written and directed by PES. Animation by PES and Javan Ivey. Editor: Sam Welch. Produced by: Sarah Phelps.

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Computer Graphics: Synthetic Worlds and Designed Realities

The new book by Alessandro Amaducci (Not with a Bang, Flesh Paths) has been released for Kaplan. The title translates to Computer Graphics: Synthetic Worlds and Designed Realities.
The book “relies about creative computer graphics which are creating a brand new aesthetic of the audio visual media, suspended between art drawings and photo-realism.”
Along with the work [...]


The Paper Melody – Incandescent

The Paper Melody is Jill Sullivan, Dan Vallier, Sean Martin and Anthony Reeder. Incandescent is a song from their debut album, Conducting the Motion.

The music video is the work of Raul Gonzo. Cinematographer was Dean Tokuno.

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Incandescent: Animatic

Animatic of Raul Gonzo’s music video for the song Incandescent by The Paper Melody.



You can now found some posts of yours truly as part of that cool website called Ventilate. As I do an Ticklebooth, Qblog and Antville, some content will be taken from here, some content will be just for Ventilate.


Bluebrain – Ten by Ten

Bluebrain is Hays Holladay and Ryan Holladay, an indies duo from Washington DC.

The music video is the work of Gabe Askew who directed and animated. Additional 3D graphics by Austin Hernandez and James Atilano.

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Lumber Jack’s Wood Feast

The short film was made at Buck for as an entry in the F5 Re:Play Film Festival held in New York City last year.

Creative Director: Ryan Honey. Art Director: Christopher Lee. Music and Sound Design: David Kamp.

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Neurosonics – Live

The following was performed live. No post production has taken place. What you see is what the audience saw.

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Vital – Airport

Vital is indie singer and songwriter Duranta D. Cook. Airport is song from his first release for Black Sky Records, entitled Vital EP, currently available for free on his website.

The music video has been directed by Takafumi Tsuchiya AKA TakCom.

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Jon Allen – Dead Man’s Suit

Dead Man’s Suit is the first single and the name of the debut album by Jon Allen, a folk rock singer-songwriter born in Winchester, currently living in London.

Music video directed by: Tactful Cactus. Directors of Photography: Ben Todd and Ossie Bacon.

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Pop-Tarts: Flavorhood

The spot has been directed by Naomi Nishimura and Jonathan Garin, and produced at Panda Panther. Creative agency: Leo Burnett.

Director of Photography: Carolyn Taylor. Music: Joel Corelitz at Waveplant. Sound design by Steven Vandeven at Static Studios.

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Flavorhood: The Making of

A short and funny montage of images from behind the scenes of the spot produced at Panda Panther.

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[Repost] THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA – To Build a Home

The music video for The Cinematic Orchestra — starring Peter Mullan and Julia Ward — is the work of Up the Resolution (Andrew Griffin, Merlin Nation and Dominic Thompson-Talbot) and it’s the first of two the parts comprising the film To Build a Home.

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DYLAN RALKE – The Replacement

The Replacement is a short film by Dylan Ralke who is a student of the DMT at the Red River College.

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MATO ATOM – Lost Below

Lost Below is a short animation by Mato Atom from some years ago, whose fascination resides partly in its undetermination: even though the matter of the film it’s not apparent, one seems to grasp it in an almost unconscious way.

The music is Lost Below by Clinton Francis AKA ISol. The album, All the Pretty Things, has been released under a Creative Commons license.

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Bubble Sex

Gonna get strange eggs this Easter. At least it what you’d argue by this strange video directed by Valerie Pirson at Partizan. Music by the non existent Disco Chicken Project (actually The Seebach Band).

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Blind Spot

When a thief enters a store for a robbery, nobody seems to notice him. Still, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Blind Spot is a short film by six students of Gobelins: Johanna Bessière, Cécile Dubois-Herry, Simon Rouby, Nicolas Chauvelot, Olivier Clert, Yvon Jardel.

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Blind Spot: The Making of

here are actually five featurettes for Blind Spot, one for each of the author, except one. This one focuses on the work of Cécile Dubois-Herry.

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Steam Team

The short film is the work of three students of Gobelins: Ludovic Bouancheau, Yohan Pelladeaud, Claude Ricros.

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[BEST OF] January 2010

Pardon me while I take some rest after the posting marathon tha took a good share of this week to prepare. Haven’t posted a best of in ages, by the way.
Dead Hearts: Machine with Wishbone.
This Must Be It: bang on the drum all day.
I don’t Wanna Work: Is this as far as you can take [...]

Beakus Galore

Beakus, the new animation studio founded by Steve Smith, previously at Trunk Production.

Featuring the works of Bluna, Leigh Hodgkinson, Matthias Hoegg and Steve Smith himself, here is a huge amount of good content and a sweet anticipation of what should we expect from Beakus in the future.

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Matthias Hoegg’s graduation film from Kingston University is an elegant and atmospheric nocturnal encounter between garden wildlife and a biology book. It was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award and plugged in Aardman’s Talent Showcase 2006.

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Psapp – Side Dish

A love affair between some cutlery and a faceless aproned girl.

The music video has been directed and animated by Leigh Hodgkinson and produced by Steve Smith.

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STEVE SMITH – Leap of Faith

Director Steve Smith was commissioned to make a one minute short for the MTV Load mobile platform. Leap of Faith follows the perils of being a box-headed robot in a post-apocalyptic cityscape.

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MTV Networks: Kailan

Just posted a series of three IDs directed and produced by Bluna for MTV Argentina and starring the characters from Nickelodeon’s animated series Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.

They each take us from a dull regular cartoon world in to the souped-up, high-octane world of MTV.

Bluna is a collective comprised of Patricio Yamus, Ariel Yamus and Emilio Peillat.

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MTV Kailan: Fun

Third in the series of three idents produced and directed by Bluna for MTV Argentina.

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MTV Kailan: Friendship

Second in a series of three IDs produced and directed by Bluna for MTV Networks Argentina.

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MTV Kailan: Dreams

One in a series of three IDs produced and directed by Bluna.

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