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Tails of the Fat Cat

That’s not a very happy ending for music

Gatto Chiattone

Oh, these felines are insatiable. I know of a cat that would gladly make a law to make cat food of all the food available, if he just happened to be hungry enough.

The spec spot for National Association of Broadcasters‘ campaign against Performance Tax for radio stations was directed by Paul Griswold and Ernie Mosteller.

Character Design and Artwork: Bryan Ballinger AKA Breadwig. Music: Firewater. Produced by Fusion Digital for Brunner.

Oh, questi felini sono insaziabili! Conosco un gatto che farebbe con piacere una legge per rendere cibo per gatti tutto il cibo, se solo avesse abbastanza fame.

Spot non ufficiale per la campagna della National Association of Broadcasters contro la Performance Tax per le stazioni radiofoniche, diretto da Paul Griswold e Ernie Mosteller.

Design dei personaggi ed artwork: Bryan Ballinger alias Breadwig. Musica: Firewater. Prodotto da Fusion Digital per Brunner.

Copyright © 2009
thanks Paul!
Tails Of The Fat Cat

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DOWNLOAD (720×540): Scarica Tails of the Fat Cat in alta risoluzione.
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