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An apple a day…

Eating Apple

If you read too much into things, or perhaps have a passion for psychoanalysis, you’d say it looks like Adobe had a great desire of swallowing Apple up.

The Seed is an “animated voyage through nature’s life cycle, following the trials and tribulations of a humble apple seed.”

“The film was kindly funded by Adobe, produced at Nexus and features a soundtrack by Jape. It was made using a mixture of stop motion papercraft and 2D drawn animation”, as shown in the making of.

Story and direction by Johnny Kelly. 2D animation: Michael Zauner. 3D animation: Eoin Coughlan. Stop frame animation: Matthew Cooper. Sound supervision: Mike Wyeld.

Creative agency: Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.

Se leggete troppo nelle cose o avete una passione per la psicanalisi, potrebbe venirvi da pensare che Adobe abbia un inconscio desiderio di ingoiare Apple.

The Seed è un “viaggio animato attraverso il ciclo naturale della vita, che segue le fatiche e le imprese di un umile seme di mela”

“Il film è stato finanziato da Adobe, prodotto presso Nexus e la colonna sonora è di Jape. Le tecniche usate vanno dalla stop motion con carta, all’animazione 2D e 3D”, come mostrato nel making of.

Storia e regia di Johnny Kelly. Animazione 2D: Michael Zauner. Animazione 3D: Eoin Coughlan. Stop motion: Matthew Cooper. Supervisione del sonoro: Mike Wyeld.

Agenzia creativa: Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.

Copyright Nexus Productions Ltd 2008
The Seed

WATCH (1280×720): Guarda The Seed su Vimeo.
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DOWNLOAD (1024×576): Scarica The Seed in altissima risoluzione.
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DOWNLOAD (768×432): Scarica The Seed in alta risoluzione.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 15 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]

LINK: Visita Johnny Kelly.

LINK: Visita Nexus Productions.

LINK: Visita Michael Zauner.

LINK: Visita Elin Svensson.

LINK: Visita Anna Benner.

LINK: Visita Mikolaj Jarosewicz.

LINK: Visita Jape.

LINK: Visita Mike Wyeld.

LINK: Visita Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.

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