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Akira Kosemura – It’s On Everything

Abstract Concreteness

It’s easy to label this kind of videos with catch phrases like abstract concreteness and other “I don’t know what to say” clichés. But I really couldn’t help giving shape to those fluid sequence of images while watching. A nice trip.

It’s On Everything is a song from the 2007 album of the same name by Akira Kosemura. The video is included in the CD/DVD Grassland, released on February 2010.

The music video has been directed by Mario Cavalli and produced at Colony. He previously did the videos for Light and Xiao ge er for the same artist.

Facile etichettare questo tipo di video con frasi ed effetto come concretezza astratta ed altri cliché di quando non si sa che cosa dire. Ma io davvero non posso evitare di dare forma alla fluida sequenza di immagini mentre scorrono.

It’s On Everything è un brano dall’omonimo album del 2007 di Akira Kosemura. Il video è incluso nel CD/DVD Grassland, uscito nel febbraio 2010.

Il video musicale, prodotto presso Colony, è stato diretto da Mario Cavalli, già autore in precedenza dei video di Light e Xiao ge er per lo stesso artista.

Copyright © 2010
thanks Mario!

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DOWNLOAD (1280×720): Scarica It’s On Everything in alta definizione HD720p.
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LINK: Visita Colony Media Ltd.

LINK: Visita Akira Kosemura.

LINK: Visita Schole Inc..

LINK: Visita Grassland.

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  1. Mario Cavalli | 31 March 2010 at 09:05 | Permalink

    Thanks for including my Akira Kosemura video.

    However, I should just point out that the ‘Colony Productions’ linked above has nothing to do with me or Akira Kosemura.

    My company is Colony Media Ltd, based in London. The URL is currently pointing at pending update.

    Thanks again!

  2. DeK | 31 March 2010 at 09:23 | Permalink

    Sorry about that, I’ve fixed both the link and the credit list.

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