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BBC Knowledge: Eat Up Brain

Facts feed brains. That’s a fact!

Head Looks At Pencils

Oh well, it’s not a shame I’m going to forget eighty percent of every clip I see each day. For the remaining twenty percent are no fat clips…

The spot for BBC Knowledge has been directed by Sean Pecknold and produced by Aaron Ball at Grandchildren. Voice over: Richard E. Grant.

Director of photography: Michael Ragen. Animators: Britta Johnson and Sean Pecknold. Sound Design and Mix: Justin Braegelmann.

Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys. Creative Director: Noah Regan. Copywriter: Damian Fitzgerald. Art Director: Matt Heck.

Oh beh, non è un peccato che dimenticherò l’ottanta percento di ogni clip che guardo ogni giorno. Ché tutte le altre sono “no fat clips”…

Lo spot per BBC Knowledge è stato diretto da Sean Pecknold e prodotto da Aaron Ball presso Grandchildren. Narrazione: Richard E. Grant.

Direttore della fotografia: Michael Ragen. Animatori: Britta Johnson e Sean Pecknold. Progetto del suono e mix: Justin Braegelmann.

Agenzia: Three Drunk Monkeys. Direttori creativi: Noah Regan, Justin Drape, Scott Nowell. Copywrite: Damian Fitzgerald. Direzione artistica: Matt Heck.

Copyright © 2009
thanks Sean!
BBC Eat Cheese

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IMDB: Pagina di Richard E. Grant

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