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A short tale, a strange forest where time is stopped, a young girl, a magic watch, and the guardian of this petrified world.

Mon(s)tre is a metaphorical tale told by five students of Lisaa: Geoffroi Ridel, Daphné Parrot, Yann Poyac, Charles Schneck, Anthony Le Saoût. Music: Joséphine Stephenson.

The film (whose title plays on the French words for clock and monster) blends beautiful 2D and 3D animation with a clockwork storytelling. Enjoy, possibly more than once to appreciate the amazing quantity of details.

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Panic Girl – Burn And Rise

Panic Girl is Martha Plachetka, musician, producer, singer and sound designer from Munich, Germany. Burn and Rise is a track on her debut EP of the same name, just released for Shady Brain.

The music video has been directed by Reza Dolatabadi and produced by Paula Lacerda Bird and Amy Dowling at Flaunt. Director of Photography: Ben Cowie.

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Helix is a motion graphics piece integrating typography and illustration. It is the work of Bradford Gyselman, a student of the DMT at the Red River College.

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DIEGO AKEL – Lines and Spirals

An experimental animation created “with the technique of motion painting, in which successive changes are made in a single image, creating an animated painting.”

A short film by Diego Akel.

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Ramona Falls – I Say Fever

Ramona Falls is the indie rock project by Brent Knopf, one-third of the band Menomena. I Say Fever is a song from Intuit, the debut album, released in 2009 for Barsuk. The song is available for free download on the Facebook iLike page.

The music video has been directed and animated by Stefan Nadelman at Tourist Pictures.

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TAKASHI DOSCHER – The Story of Story(Boarding)

Looking at this humorous reconstruction of the creative process at Whitestone Pictures, one thing struck me: their ideas are born where most of mine go to die…

The short film is the work of Takashi Doscher and part of the Whitestone Protégé Program.

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Happydent: Maharaja

High production value spot directed by Ram Madhvani and produced by Manoj Shroff at Equinox. Creative agency: Mccann Erickson.

The spot features a crew of malkhamb athletes. Malkhamb is an Indian traditional sport, something between gymnastics, dancing and martial arts.

Director Of Photography: Anil Mehta. Editor: Shyam Salgaonkar. Music: Shantanu Moitra. Creative and Lyricist: Prasoon Joshi.

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Honda: Grrr

“Can Hate Be Good?” Why not!

The commercial is from 2004, but I just caught on it again and decided it was time to post it. After all, it never gets old.

The spot was directed by Smith & Foulkes and produced at Nexus. Creative agency: W+K London. Song performed by Garrison Keillor (as Be Nice to the Pigeons).

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Why? – These Hands

Why? is an American hip hop and indie rock band, founded by Jonathan Wolf AKA Yoni Wolf. These Hands is a song from their fourth album, entitled Eskimo Snow and released on September 2009 for Anticon.

The music video is the work of Agustin Carbonere. Enjoy!

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[REPOST] Tungijuq

A thought-provoking meditation on the seal-hunt and what it means to the traditional way of life for Inuit.

Starring internationally renowned throat singer Tanya Tagaq, and Cannes-winning filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk (Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner), Tungijuq is a cinematic and musical expression of the organic and indisputable reality of hunting in Inuit culture.

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A very short self promotional film for Alberto Mielgo’s new animation studio, in form of a teaser trailer for a film that we’ll probably never see.

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The Pump Energy Food: Eat Crap

There have been posts where I used the crap food tag where it was probably not needed. But this one, well this is it: it’s the junk food manifesto!

The video is a promotional film for The Pump, a restaurant in New York City founded by persons who pursues a passion for healthy food.

The short film has been directed by Dark Igloo. Editor: Adam Epstein. Light Design: Eric Luc. Music: Le Chev.

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As you probably know, the film shows an American Airlines DC-10 jet making an emergency landing onto the 405 freeway in California while a Jeep tries to avoid getting crashed in the process.

Released in June 2000 and produced by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt, 405 was the first short film to become widely distributed on the Internet and is generally thought of as one of the first viral films.

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TV1: Spirit of Summer

A series of idents made by Sixty40 for Australian cable channel TV1 that capture the spirit of summer in stop motion. Animating with real objects related to the theme, the 3 spots explore some of the classic themes of the Australian summer.

TV1: Beach

Delicious summer fruit, hot summer days on the beach and refreshing underwater wonderlands are the protagonists of this ID for TV1 made at sixty40.

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TV1: Celebration

Another ident in the series for TV1 made by sixty40, inspired by the work of PES.

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TV1: Sausage Party

The work of Sixty40, this ident for Australian TV1 celebrates the culture of the backyard barbecue including listening to the cricket, highly flammable accelerants, blokey jostling and impromptu cricket matches.

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Frankie Turns up to The Sausage Party

It’s a long time since I posted a clip for download only, but this one is perfect: it works as a teaser (right now, before the main posts are online) as well as a bonus (after).

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Brokenkites – Touch

A music video made from hundreds of cutout photocopies and drawings to create a sinister world watched over by menacing grannies…

Brokenkites is an independent electronic musician whose work is mostly freely available with a Creative Commons License. Touch is a song from the 2007 album entitled Fugue State, available for download on the Internet Archive.

The music video has been directed by Harriet MacDonald.

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13eme Rue: Biathlon

An oldie but a goldie. I guess that’s what most of us think when we got watching one of these sports that challenge our attention span.

The ad was directed by Trevor Cornish and produced at Hamster Publicité. Creative agency: BETC Euro RSCG.

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Similo et Similia

Remember the amazing short film Similo? Well, it was actually a teaser for a 25 minutes short film and its authors are collecting funds to complete the post production. So, watch the old short, perhaps read this interview, and then head to Kickstarter.

And for the similia: Ayyaz Waraich (White Red Panic) brought to my attention two new projects. The Divine River, a sci-fi thriller directed by Ayz himself, currently in post production. And Frame 137, directed by Judd Tilyard, produced by Judd and Ayz and based on the work of James O’Barr. Enjoy the trailers and start waiting.

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A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

A funny flip book animation (not) about the history of the life, the universe and everything, with the compulsory Terry Gilliam reference in the end.

The short is the work of Jamie Bell AKA Displeased Eskimo, and has been quite popular since being posted on Youtube one month ago.

The music is the galop infernal from Jacques Offenbach’s operetta Orpheus in the Underworld, also known as just “the can can”.

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Huff: Titles

Here’s another title sequence for a Showtime TV series. This is about “a psychiatrist whose life changes abruptly when a 15-year-old client commits suicide in his office.”

The titles are the work of Shilo Design. Music by W.G. Snuffy Walden.

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Ups and Downs

So, No Fat Clips!!! has been moved is on the new server. Credit lists, previews and rotating images has been affected by the move, but I’ve addressed the problem right now. Tell me if you find any other glitch.


United States of Tara: Titles

The short title sequence, winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design, introduces us to a series of female characters. Except, that they’re all Tara (Toni Collette), a woman “suffering from dissociative identity disorder and related memory suppression.”

The titles sequence has been directed by Jamie Caliri and produced at Duck Studios for Showtime. Animation: Anthony Scott. Illustration: Alex Juhasz. Art Department: Morgan Hay (head), Yoriko Murakami.

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Geweldenaren van Ver

“Misfortune fell on us… They came from above!” The Earth is once again invaded by unfriendly aliens in a fashion that reminds of the more recent Ataque de Pánico! Youtube sensation.

Geweldenaren van Ver (Tyrants from Afar) is a “visual effects extravaganza”, “a tribute to science fiction films from the fifties and a reaction to the exaggerated patriotic character of recent american blockbusters.”

It is the work of: Wesly Grefrath and Floris Vos at Soulbase; Arjan van Meerten, Bobby De Groot and Sven Neve at House of Secrets. Music by Jeroen Tel at Maniacs of Noise.

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N.A.M.B. – Radiorace

Presented in VHS-Scope, here’s an “animation telling the story of BMAN, a little naive robot dragged by chance in to the dark and scary world of the radio. Will our hero find his way back home?”

NAMB is a band from Turin, Italy, comprised of Davide Tomat, Luca Cognetti, Silvio Franco and Andrea Ghio. Radiorace is a single from their second album, entitled BMAN, a concept album about the struggle of a robot for musical freedom.

The music video has been directed and edited by Francesco Calabrese at Souljacker. Animation: Francesco Boerio and Fabio Tonetto. Sound design: G.U.P. Alcaro.

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Pilot Speed – Alright

Alright was first released on Pilot Speed’s debut EP, entitled For All That’s Given, Wasted, in 2001. It can also be found on Into the West, the US re-release of their second.

The music video has been directed by Fluorescent Hill.

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JOHN WHITNEY – Measured Sacrifice

A young woman named Terry lives in poverty in a future America embroiled in an unending “war on terror.” She faces an unplanned pregnancy, and must decide whether or not to enter a highly controversial government program that provides financial security for women in her situation. Entering the program will meet her financial needs but will put her at odds with everyone in her life including herself. Terry must face up to her haunted past and her uncertain future.

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Measured Sacrifice: VFX Reel

Visual Effects Demo from the Short film Measured Sacrifice. Visual Effects producer Phil Garrett. Effects Supervisor Frank Purtiman. Additional effects by John Whitney.

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I know it might be disappointing to some, after reading the title, but the good thing about this kind of orgy is that you don’t have to watch your back (if you care for that sort of things, that is…)

The sexy and sleek short video is the work of Andrea Grosso Ciponte. The music is Orgy by Ravi Shankar from the soundtrack for Chappaqua.

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Fluctuations in the Cyberspace

Dreamhost is moving my site again, this time to new shiny 64 bit servers. It should happen in the next days, but I’m not sure when exactly.

Expect down time during the move and errors while I update the system paths. The good news is that the new file servers should be able to manage a heavier load.


Noisia – Machine Gun

“An abstract telling of mankind and it’s self destructiveness, loosely based on the tale of Frankenstein’s monster, which is exactly what a machine gun is.”

“Noisia is a Dutch drum ‘n bass producers trio, that are not that well known despite the fact they have done remixes for Moby, Robbie Williams and The Prodigy.”

Machine Gun is the first single off their upcoming debut album, which will be entitled Split the Atom and is due to release on March 2010.

The music video has been directed by Henk Loorbach AKA Superelectric.

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“The story of a young boy who, trapped by his surroundings, desperately ventures out into the unknown. The results of his flight are both extraordinary and immutable.”

Moonboy is a beautiful animated short film by Adam Calfee, who’s a part of the More Frames collective of visual artists. Additional animation by: Gus Trauth. Computer graphics: Jordan Held. Music: Reid Wellock. Recording: Adam Lukas and Drew Chiodo.

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Graffiti: Clip Updated to HD

The spot for AIDES can now be downloaded in HD. I’ve only provided a Quicktime clip, but it should be playable with any free player.



Stressed-out parents or a crazy grandmother, that is the question! Pia (Karianne Namtvedt Nordstrand) a little Norwegian girl, prefers the latter, who takes her to the moon and back. Can’t blame her!

The short film has been written and directed by Marthe Emilie Mandal Igesund and produced by Ingrid Halstensen at University of Bergen. Director of photography: Ingvild Vågen Ulset. Audio: Gudrun Tokle Grene. Editor: Espen Hobbesland.

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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Kisses Over Babylon

In the second part of SALVO!, Edward (Alex Ebert) is arrested by two Minors (police from Ursa Minor, played by David Strathairn and Stephen Mendillo) for the murder of his own father, and taken to a water-labor prison where he reunites with Brother (Orpheo McCord) his long-ago friend.

The music video was directed by Isaiah Seret and produced at The Masses. Director of photography: Eric MacIver. Visual effects: Benjamin Kutsko.

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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Desert Song

In the first part of SALVO! we meet Edward Sharpe (Alex Ebert), this kinda messianic figure, who’s up to a confrontation with his father’s ghost in the desert. Ghost?

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is an ensemble band led by Alex Ebert, vocalist of the power pop group Ima Robot.

Desert Song is a track on their debut album, entitled Up from Below, released on July 2009 for Vagrant Records.

The music video has been directed by Benjamin Kutsko and Cory Marrero. Director of photography: David Myrick. Edited By: Brandon Driscoll-Luttringer and Alex Ebert. Visual effects: Benjamin Kutsko and Casey Allen.

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SALVO! is a episodic musical made up by 12 music videos for the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Currently, the first two parts have been released: Currently, the first two parts have been released: Desert Song and Kisses over Babylon.

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Indeed, this spot have a point, there a pair of things that are better in couple than each on their own. But perhaps the magic number is three.

Anyway, back to the matter. This uber cute spot has been made by Friends with You and creative agency US Sydney.

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No Fat Charlie

Excerpt from Chapter 4 of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys.


T Shirt War

A very funny video where t-shirt decorations take a life of their own and start a game of war where the only winner is entertainment.

Rhett and Link are the “music and comedy” duo of Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal.

The video has been directed and edited by Joe Penna. Animation and sound effects: Billy Reid at Very Tasteful. Concept, music and acting: Rhett and Link.

The t-shirts used in the short, as well as copies and custom versions, are available for sale at the T Shirt War Store.

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T Shirt War: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of the T Shirt War video for Brett and Link.

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Riserva Total: Species of Drivers

Here’s a series of seven online videos made by Abstract Groove for oil company Total. Producer: Mauro Mastronicola. Creative agency: DLVBBDO. Music: Franky B.

The stories were created aiming “to obtain a surreal, ironic (but warm and natural at the same time) low-fi look mixing live action with 2D animation, stop motion and 3D.”

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Prime: Happy Valentine

The short piece has been directed and edited by Tom Willems for the Belgian TV channel Prime. Director of Photography: Geert Verstraete. The song is What the World Needs Now Is Love, as sung by Jackie DeShannon.

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“A little heart creature is looking for any kind of love in an urban environment.” And the moral of the story is: a heart can’t believe his eyes. That’s physiologic.

The short film has been made by Laurent Clermont in his spare time after his day job.

Starring: Emelie. Music by Jon Brion from the Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind soundtrack.

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The Bronson Maneuver

Preston Hall is Bronson. Who is Bronson? Well, mix James Bond, Lupin the Third and Mister Bean, and you’ll have a glance of the idea. Now, who is Preston Hall?

The short was an entry in CG Challenge XXIV, themed Secret Agent.

The film is the work of Ryan Sluman, Joon Kim, Danny Dahlquist and Mike McCain. Featuring Wein, Weib und Gesang (Wine, Women and Song), op. 333 by Johann Strauss II.

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The Bronson Maneuver: Theatrical Teaser

Theatrical Teaser for The Bronson Maneuver

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Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards: Aurore

A man (Sam Azami), painted in white, walks through” the lunar landscape of his senses and “along a giant woman-mountain (Kim Captein) painted in black. They start from different dimensions, but will eventually meet.

A short film by Jean-Julien Pous and Denis Huneau, made for a contest held by Louis Vuitton. Director of Photography: Gregg Telussa. Sound design: Jean-Julien Pous. Body Painting: Ferry Zeeman.

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Shahada: Opening Sequence

Title sequence for Shahada, a feature film by Burhan Qurbani on the life of three young Muslims in Germany during the Ramadan.

The animated sequence has been directed by Alexander Hanowski and produced by Andreas Lampe at We are Flink.

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The Fitzcarraldo Sessions ft. Moriarty – Alice and Lewis

The Fitzcarraldo Sessions is a side project of Jack the Ripper’s members, that is: Aka De Kebnekaïze, Adrien Rodrigue, Alex Irissou, Dom Martin, Fabio Fenaux, Hervé Mazurel, Thierry Mazurel.

Alice & Lewis (Soon Will Come Too Soon), featuring Moriarty, is a single taken from their debut album We Hear Voices.

The music video has been directed by Duckeye (Jey Malaiperuman and Kate Freeland); produced by Caroline Ray at Rokkit.

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One at a Time

One at a Time is a short animated movie produced at the CSC, written and directed by Gabriele Barrocu, Alessia Cordini, Valeria Ghignone and Valentina Ventimiglia.

Compositing and Color Correction: Andrea Maguolo. Production Manager: Gabriele Barrocu. Original Music: Umberto Smerilli. Audio Editing: Francesco Tumminello and Nicola Sobieski.

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Tasali: DJ

Think of a DJ, then think of potatoes. I guess the next thing you’ll think are not potato chips, but still…

The spot has been directed by André Chammas and produced at Fantastic Film Factory. Animation Director: Gianfranco Gaioni AKA Kobayashi. Creative agency: DDB, Dubai.

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The Lovely Sparrows – Take Care

The Lovely Sparrows is an indie rock band currently on Abandoned Love Records and founded by Shawn Jones. Take Care is a cover of a song by Big Star recorded in a pause during the sessions for their upcoming new album.

The music video has been directed and animated by Eric Power at Clear Productions.

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Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance

Her Morning Elegance is a single off his debut album The Opposite Side of the Sea, first released in 2007 and the again in 2009 following the popularity of this promo.

The music video has been directed by Oren Lavie, Yuval Nathan and Merav Nathan at One Wing Fly.

Actress: Shir Shomron. Director of Photography: Eyal Landesman. Color: Todd Iorio at Resolution LA.

The 2096 individual photographs are shown in gallery exhibitions worldwide. Each still photograph will be printed once as a single edition print and sold through the official website.

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Roberto: Les sushis

Roberto is an Italian actor, comedian, director… No wait, that’s another one. Roberto is an alien dog doing a TV reportage on planet Earth. So even E.T. journalists are dogs.

In this first episode, Roberto will have to deal with a typical Japanese sushi restaurant. What you see is what he gets…

A pilot for a series, Les sushis is the work of Kindà, produced by Makiko Aoki and Olivier Defaye at Aoki Studio.

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BEN HIBON – A.D. Trailer

The dead can rest while the living one will fight for survival, fight for the right to keep another breath. But what about the undead?

A.D. will hopefully be a feature film animated in computer graphics and directed by Ben Hibon. Soundtrack: Safe in Mind by the Unkle.

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Klik Festival 2009: Leader

When a dude (played by Sander Kamermans) finds a clicking gadget on the road, he’ll enter the world of every otaku’s dreams. Well, not just otakus I guess…

The leader for the 2009 edition of the Klik Festival has been made by Bobby de Groot, Sven Neve and Arjan van Meerten at House of Secrets.

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Burma: Clip Update

The short film by Shilo is now available in high definition.


Some Work in Progress

I’m performing a backup of the site database and will upgrade to the latest version of Wordpress.


BBC Knowledge: Eat Up Brain

Oh well, it’s not a shame I’m going to forget eighty percent of every clip I see each day. For the remaining twenty percent are no fat clips…

The spot for BBC Knowledge has been directed by Sean Pecknold and produced by Aaron Ball at Grandchildren. Voice over: Richard E. Grant.

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SSRP: Embrace Life

The public service announcement has been directed by Daniel Cox and produced by Sarah Alexander for the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

In the words of SSRP’s Neil Hopkins, the spot manages to provoke a strong emotional response in the viewer by means of a strong emphasis on positive messaging and imagery, rather than relying on shock tactics.

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2010 US Census: Community

Your daughter spent hours and hours designing the community of her dreams. You will be able to help make it a reality in about 10 minutes. Well, kind of.

The spot has been directed and produced by Shilo via Darnell Works. Director of Photography: Martin Ahlgren. Editors: Adam Bluming, Akira Chan. Head of 3D: Blake Guest.

Advertising Agency: GlobalHue Latino. Telecine: Company 3. Music: Face The Music. Audio mix: Penny Lane Studios.

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Community: The Making of

The making of the spot directed by Shilo aimed at increasing participation of Latin Americans in the 2010 Census in the United States of America.

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Himani: Fast Relief

The cities are living things. But the city of Mumbai, in India, has taken this fact to the next level. At least in this commercial for a pain relief ointment.

The spot has been directed by Ram Madhvani and produced by Manoj Shroff at Equinox.

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“Nuit Blanche explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy.”

The amazing short film has been directed by Arev Manoukian, who also was editor, director of photography as well as producer with Stephanie Swedlove.

Actors: Michael Coughlan and Megan Lindley. Visual effects: Marc-André Gray. Music: Samuel Bisson.

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Nuit Blanche: The Making Of

A making of featurette for the short film Nuit Blanche by Arev Manoukian. Warning: heavy spoilers!
Better seen after the film.

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Legacy Sucks

Woops! It seems my index file was still pointing to Blogspot, so people opening (sans dekku) were rebounded on the old blog, and then again on the new one. This should be fixed now.