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When luck turns her back on Maurice, the greatest cannonball man, there’s nothing he can do to change it and save the day. The fate, in the form of a pink elephant, will have its victory.

Here it is, “Tachaaan!“, a short animated movie by Rafael Cano AKA Rafiki, Carlos del Olmo and Miguel A. Bellot, three students of the Pepe-School-Land.

The film has been produced by Nicolás Matji at La Fiesta Producciones. Original music by Jazz de Marras. Sound effects: Jose A. García.

Quando la fortuna volta le spalle a Maurice, il più grande uomo cannone, non c’è nulla che lui possa fare per rimettere le cose a posto. Il destino, sotto forma di un elefante rosa, l’avrà vinta.

Ed ecco, “Tachaaan!“, un corto animato opera di Rafael Cano alias Rafiki, Carlos del Olmo e Miguel A. Bellot, tre studenti della Pepe-School-Land.

Il film è stato prodotto da Nicolás Matji presso La Fiesta Producciones. Musica originale di Jazz de Marras. Effetti sonori: Jose A. García

Copyright 2009 La fiesta producciones cinematográficas‎ s.a.
Tachan Human Cannonball

DOWNLOAD (720×405): Scarica Tachaaan! in alta risoluzione.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 65 MB - Running Time: 5 min.]

DOWNLOAD (720×405): Scarica Tachaaan! in alta risoluzione.
[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 29 MB - Running Time: 5 min.]

WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Tachaaan! su Vimeo.
[Format: Flash Video]

LINK: Visita Pepe-School-Land.

LINK: Visita Rafael Cano.

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LINK: Visita Jazz de Marras.

LINK: Visita Jose A. García Lopez.

LINK: Visita Hector Encalado.

LINK: Visita Rude.

LINK: Visita Tachaaan.

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