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Dead Man’s Bones – Dead Hearts

“Blessed is the man who expects nothing
for he shall never be disappointed”.

Miniature Church

It may seem a strange way to start over, but this video captures my imagination. Probably because first time I read the band’s name as Dead Man’s Boners

Dead Hearts is featured on the debut album by Dead Man’s Bones, the musical project of actors Ryan Gosling (Lars and the Real Girl) and Zach Shields.

The video has been directed by Dead Man’s Bones. Production design by Robot Chicken’s Jed Hathaway. Produced by: Kathleen Heffernan.

Director of photography: Ross Riege. Editor: Robin Gonsalves. Visual effects: Jennifer Sapanski.

The kinetic sculpture, entitled Machine with Wishbone, is the work of Arthur Ganson.

Strano modo di ricominciare, ma questo video ha catturato la mia immaginazione. Sarà perché la prima volta ho letto il nome della band come Dead Man’s Boners

Dead Hearts si trova sull’album di esordio dei Dead Man’s Bones, progetto musicale degli attori Ryan Gosling (Lars e una ragazza tutta sua) e Zach Shields.

Il video è stato diretto dai Dead Man’s Bones. Direttore di produzione: Jed Hathaway (Robot Chicken). Prodotto da: Kathleen Heffernan.

Direttore della fotografia: Ross Riege. Montaggio: Robin Gonsalves. Effetti visivi: Jennifer Sapanski.

La scultura cinetica, intitolata Machine with Wishbone, è opera di Arthur Ganson.

Copyright © 2009
Dead Hearts

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