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[BEST OF] October 2009 Pt.1

Here’s some of my last posts from the previous life of No Fat Clips!!! In the meanwhile, I got to do what I got to do…

Born in Captivity: twisted story of a twisted mind.

Weeds: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

King Kong: meet Baby Kong.

Fruit of the Womb: pilot for Fruitless Efforts.

Song Without A Hero: introducing spermatoscope.

Cracks in the Armor: a relatively nice girl.

Virgile: c’mon, don’t be that shy!.

Let Love Rule: the end (credits) of a hero.

Drift Away: nohting but the camera.

Iwa: strength of character.

Road to Moloch: face-to-face with an ancient evil.

Back against the Wall: dwarves.

Two Weeks: Love is full of love.

Bottom of the River: just a matter of time.

Ecco alcuni degli ultimi post della vita precedente di No Fat Clips!!! Nel frattempo, devo da fa’ quella che devo da fare…

Born in Captivity: problematica storia di una mente problematica.

Weeds: la strada per l’inferno è lastricata di buone intenzioni.

King Kong: ecco Baby Kong.

Fruit of the Womb: pilota di Fruitless Efforts.

Song Without A Hero: scoprite lo spermatoscope.

Cracks in the Armor: una ragazza relativamente carina.

Virgile: su, non essere così timido!

Let Love Rule: un colpo di (titoli di) coda.

Drift Away: niente, a parte la cinepresa.

Iwa: forza di carattere.

Road to Moloch: faccia a faccia con un antico male.

Back against the Wall: nani.

Two Weeks: l’amore è pieno d’amore.

Bottom of the River: solo una questione di tempo.

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