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Vimeo Killed the Radio Button

Hey! Sorry about the long break. Been kinda busy. I’ve just added a new feature to the blog: special support for Vimeo.

Check the post for Pigeon Pilfer and click the Vimeo link: the video is now played in a box. The script degrades gracefully: if JavaScript is disabled, the video opens in a new window.

I’ll try and do the same for the OGG video clips, using the new HTML5 video tag supported by Firefox 3.5 and some other browser.

Hey! Spiacente per la lunga pausa. Sono stato impegnato. Ho appena aggiunto una funzione al blog: supporto per Vimeo.

Controllate il post di Pigeon Pilfer e cliccate il link Vimeo: il video ora si apre in un riquadro. Lo script degrada dolcemente: se JavaScript è disattivato, il video si apre in una nuova finestra.

Proverò a fare lo stesso con i video clip OGG, usando il nuovo tag video di  HTML5 supportato da Firefox 3.5 e qualche altro browser.

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  1. François Mathey | 3 September 2009 at 23:03 | Permalink

    That’s a good new feature :)

  2. kasimyr | 4 September 2009 at 13:01 | Permalink


    this is a nice feature, I did the same on my site, but did it with thickbox and tuned the box, that it fits perfectly. Have a look and contact me if you like to have the code.


  3. DeK | 4 September 2009 at 13:25 | Permalink

    I got Javascript errors with Firefox 3.0.12, Firefox 3.5 and IE 8. The throbber keeps spinning and no video appears.
    Anyway, the problem is that I save the URL of the video, not the embed code (when my plugin will be ready, this’ll be done automatically when I save a post, by looking if I linked to Vimeo in the text and saving anchor and URL of the link) so the width and height of the video are not available until the user clicks and the AJAX call generates the embed code. The resizing could be done afterwards with some Jquery trick, but this often trigger security mechanisms in some browsers (especially Firefox).

    UPDATE: The plugin is ready!

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