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Coca Cola: Mr. Happy in “Cloud”

if I just told you
told you what I feel
that’s why I copy and paste…

Raindrops Keep Falling

Mr. Happy finds his little friend being rained upon by a cloud. Turning his clay body into a ladder, Mr. Happy’s generosity allows for his friend to climb up onto the cloud and get out of the stormy weather.”

Another spot for Coke, directed by Zoe Wishart and produced by Mariya Shikher at Psyop. Creative agency: Wieden Kennedy. Same was for Suit.

The song is Folder by the Plastic Operator.

Mr. Happy incontra il suo piccolo amico mentre una nuvola gli piove addosso. Trasformandosi in una scala, permette al suo amico di arrampicars sulla nuvola, e scansare il temporale.”

Altro spot per Coca Cola, diretto da Zoe Wishart e prodotto da Mariya Shikher presso Psyop. Agenzia creativa: Wieden Kennedy. Lo stesso per Suit.

Il brano è Folder dei Plastic Operator.

Copyright © 2006
The Coke Side Of Life

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DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Mr. Happy, Cloud in alta risoluzione standard.
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LINK: Visita W+K.

LINK: Visita Psyop.

IMDB: Pagina di Zoe Wishart

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