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[BEST OF] August 2009 Pt.2

The customary second part. One day I’ll post the second part first…

Enemies: conspiracy practice.

Chainsaw Maid: claymation splatter.

Juiced and Jazzed: hot jazz music overcomes Lulu.

God of Small Things: microcosms.

They Will Come to Town: stop global warming.

Gone Daddy Gone: what bugs you?

Hemlock: eternal youth. New Years: nature’s waking up

Sorry I’m Late: excuses.

Arjuna the Archer: Patta Chitra Katha.

EMET: The Golem Myth.

Invisible Wars: Redefining Aid.

Niva’s Tune: Standing in Silence Part 3.

The Forest: free, as in bird.

The Gulls: WTF!

Pigeon Pilfer: flying rats attack!

Alberi: poetic documentary about trees.

La consueta seconda parte.Qualche vota pure posto prima la seconda…

Enemies: pratica della cospirazione.

Chainsaw Maid: splatter in claymation.

Juiced and Jazzed: Lulu soccombe al caldo jazz.

God of Small Things: microcosmi.

They Will Come to Town: ferma il riscaldamento globale.

Gone Daddy Gone: ogni scarrafone…

Hemlock: eterna giovinezza. New Years: la natura si sveglia

Sorry I’m Late: scuse.

Arjuna the Archer: Patta Chitra Katha.

EMET: il mito del Golem.

Invisible Wars: ridefinendo “aiuto”.

Niva’s Tune: terza parte di Standing in Silence.

The Forest: libero, come in uccello.

The Gulls: che cazz…

Pigeon Pilfer: ratti volanti all’attacco!

Alberi: poetico documentario sugli alberi.

LINK: Tutti i post del 08/2009.

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