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Alberi (Trees) is a poetic documentary about trees, made by 22 Italian pupils (9 years old) during Art and Music classes.

The short film has been directed and edited by their teacher, Raffaella Traniello, using only free software: Cinelerra CV running under the Edubuntu operative system.

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Pigeon Pilfer is a short animated film by Michael Stevenson, his senior film from San Francisco State University.

It was completed in four months with sixty pounds of clay, a digital SLR camera, and one tiny hot room.

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Imagine to listen to the audio from a scene of a movie, without watching the images. Then, try and make a short animation to replace the actual video.

The short film by Kristof Luyckx plays this game with some lines of dialogue from Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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Darbo: Coin Operated Boy

Again: spot directed by Tracey Rowe and produced at Robber’s Dog. Creative agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann.

The spot reprises the musical theme from Kiss, last year spot: Coin Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls.

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Darbo: Road

Spot directed by Tracey Rowe and produced at Robber’s Dog. Creative agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann.

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The Forest: Updating the Clip

Sorry, the embedded clip for The Forest is incomplete. Don’t know what happened, but I’m uploading it again. Check back in an hour, or watch the short on the official site.



“Is your inner peace an utopian state until you have finally escaped the grip of the society and its rules? Or is affirmation a faster way to your personal luck? And what are you supposed to do, if you have to answer this question at the age of 12?”

The Forest is a short animated movie by David Scharf.

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PAUL RAYMENT – Dance of the Neon Knight

The war is about to be lost. Nobody can save the world, except for our hero, the neon knight. Will he manage to save the day and his own life?

Dance of the Neon Knight is a masterfully animated short by Paul Rayment, featuring a distinctive “neon” design.

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Pop-up: The Making of

The Making of the spot Pop-up for Lexus from A52.

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De Monsters: Wash the Dog

Dog killed the curiosity.
A short animation by Volstok Telefunken (Thijs De Cloedt and Wouter Sel) for Belgian TV.

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More Links

Short of the Week featured my review of Robin Risser’s Solitude and an interview with the author by Andrew Allen.
I’ve also modified my blog theme so that I can add every link I want to the “middle bar”. Tested it on my post for Solitude.

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Rhian Sheehan – Standing in Silence Pt. 3 (Niva’s Tune)

The music video has been beautifully animated by Matt Pitt AKA Red Kid One, previously here with Look What You’ve Done.

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Invisible Wars: Redefining Aid

Invisible Wars is a motion piece by James Bartley and Jake Graydon, their final project at VFS in the Digital Design program.

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DAX NORMAN – Prelude to a Symphony (In Sweeatch)

An animated optical illusion by Dax Norman based on his Vincent Van Gogh poster. Music by @Deetlareet.

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To Blank or not to Blank

I removed the “target blank” attribute from external links: this means that when clicking on a link, the page opens in the same window, unless you explicitly open it in a new window or tab. Let me know if you prefer it this way or the old way.



EMET: The Golem Myth is a short film produced at Bonsai Ninja and written by Daniele Bonaiuti, Fabio Legnani, Massimiliano Pareschi, Gabriele Rossi, Dario Spinelli, Davide Tappero Merlo.

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EMET: Making of

The Making of EMET.

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Talk Talk: Brighter

Don’t know if seeing all the colors of the rainbow while using a cellphone might be considered a good thing. But it makes for a good ad.

The spot was directed by Noah Harris and produced by Andrew Studholme at Blink Ink.

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Sulekha: Arjuna the Archer

Arjuna the Archer is a short animation directed by Eriyat Suresh at Famous Animation and based on a concept by Senthil Kumar at JWT.

The spot is based on the “Patta Chitra Katha: a thousand year old traditional folk art of storytelling through exotic illustrations of characters from ancient Indian Mythology, hand printed on sun dried palm leaves.”

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Snakes Can Fly: Clip Upgraded to Full HD

The ad for Blender has been re-released in HD, complete with the Blender files.


Working Under the Hood

Made a lot of little changes. Small things, but they had to be done before I start posting. I’m trying to familiarize with the new platform.


Farewell, my Porcupine

The old Blogspot site has been taken down. The old links will be redirected to the new addresses when possible.

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Where new things and old things come together and become one.


The Immigrant Notes

Where the blogger gives proper respect


Pardon Our Dust!!!

No Fat Clips!!! switched to Wordpress. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I had the urge to put the new incarnation of my website online as soon as possible.


18 seconds: Film Updated

The version of the short movie Eighteen Seconds I posted has been replaced by the final cut, longer and with a voice over.
La versione del cortometraggio Eighteen Seconds postata è stata sostituita con quella finale, più lunga e con voce narrante.

REFERENCE: Il post di 18 segundos.


You expect me to believe that?!?

Some dude (Simon Carroll Jones) is late and misses the bus for his girlfriend’s house. Trying to arrive in time will bring him in a breathtaking adventure.
Sorry I’m Late is a stop animated short film directed by Tomas Mankovsky. Director of photography: Trevor Forrest.
Executive producer: James Studholme at Blink. Sound [...]

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And Everything Was Alright

They say when you have a broken
heart, there isn’t much you can do…

Bear finds out that when the world you live in doesn’t fit you, the right way is not to settle for compromise, but bravely looking for a new world.
And Everything Was Alright is a cute short movie by Robert Kilman and Safwat Saleem [...]

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Volver – A sorte

A sorte sempre vemMe cobre de atencaoEu sei que você sabeSei que você sabe o que quer dizer.

Complete Credits

In the eternal battle between vinyls and tapes there can be one and only one winner.
Volver is a Brazilian rock band comprised of Bruno Souto, Fernando Barreto, Zeca Viana and Kleber Cróccia.
A sorte is a single [...]

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Ariel: Errata Corrige

The short clip Lady in Red was mistakenly attributed to MacGregor. Proper credits should go instead to Michael Sandberg. My fault.
La breve clip Lady in Red è stata attribuita erroneamente a MacGregor. L’attribuzione corretta va invece a Michael Sandberg. Colpa mia.

REFERENCE: Il post di Ariel Lady in Red.

DAVID FIRTH – I`d Like To Be

The plot is as simple as: “a man leaves his wife and kids and buries himself.” But the film just begins where the plot ends.
I’d Like To Be is a short animated film, a stop frame mess by David Firth of Fat Pie fame.
Music by Loom.
La storia è semplice: “un uomo lascia moglie e figli [...]

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Knorr: Salty

I could hardly believe itWhen I heard the news today.


Poor little salt shaker feels rejected now that some new junk food has landed on the family table.
A TV spot directed by David Hicks and produced by Rob Allan at Sons and Daughters.
Creative agency: DDB Canada. Director of Photography: Adam Marsden. Editor: Brian Williams at Panic [...]

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[BEST OF] July 2009

Ready to hang out with friends. Here is the (random) selection of the best posts from the past month.
Sita Sings the Blues: Creative Commons licensed feature film by Nina Paley.
With Rain: liquid beauty.
Great Glutton Island: there are so many fishes in the sea…
Little Big Love: love kills.
Eros: love heals.
Hibi no neiro: webcam galore!
Mary Jane: and [...]

Ohbijou – New Years


Mother Nature is waking up. Soon she’ll be doing her magic, once again. You’ll better not be in the surroundings…
Ohbijou is a Canadian indie pop band based in Toronto founded by Casey Mecija.
New Years is a single taken from their second album, entitled Beacons and released on June 2009.
The music video is the work of [...]

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La fuente de la vida

“A troubled man journeys to the fountain of youth, only to discover that the price for drinking from its waters is far greater than he imagined.”
Hemlock is a short animated film made by Tyson Ibele for the CGSociety Steampunk Challenge.
The aim was “to adapt an ancient myth to steampunk stylings”. The [...]

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Hemlock: The Making of

DOWNLOAD (958×538): Scarica The Making of Hemlock in alta risoluzione.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 65 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (958×538): Scarica The Making of Hemlock in alta risoluzione.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 17 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (768×432): Scarica The Making of Hemlock in alta risoluzione.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 17 MB - [...]

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Gnarls Barkley – Gone Daddy Gone

When I see you.A thousand eyes turnin’ blue.


A rock band made of mites and ticks follow their leader who fell in love with a human woman. For the tragic end, play the video. For the happy end, open the preview.
Gnarls Barkley is the musical collaboration between Brian Burton AKA Danger Mouse and Thomas Callaway AKA [...]

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Maybe it’s time to get out of the water, what d’ya think? Things start getting quite dangerous down there.
Samba is the first short animated movie by Paul-Emile Boucher AKA Gelco, a student of Supinfocom. Done in 3D Studio Max.
Forse è tempo di uscire dall’acqua, che ne dite? Le cose cominciano a diventare pericolose lì sotto…

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THILO EWERS – They Will Come to Town

Something is coming…


If you’re not coming under water with me, the water will come to you to getcha. There is no escape, except maybe to “stop global warming before it stops us”…
They Will Come to Town is a beautiful short film SLASH public service announcement, directed by Thilo Ewers.
Produced by Franziska Specht at the Institute [...]

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WE ARE OM – Immerse


It’s too hot to go out there. Let’s instead stay under the water for a while, won’t you?
If we keep our eyes wide open, we’ll see that there are so many little wonderful things going on all around us.
Immerse is an effervescent short film by We Are Om, that is Anton Groves, Richard Hardy and [...]

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Cnidaria (pronounced with a silent c) is a phylum containing
over 9,000 species of animals found exclusively in aquatic,
mostly marine, environments.

You won’t have any skin eruption watching this clip, swear! Images: Julien Nantiec; sound design: Hecq.
UPDATE: Fixed audio issues!
Niente eruzioni cutanee guardando questo video, giuro! Immagini: Julien Nantiec; progetto del suono: Hecq.
UPDATE: risolto problema audio!

© 2009


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No Fat Clips Wiki

No, I’m not gonna open editing to everybody, even though it would be a nice experiment to try (on someone else’s blog…)
I just wrote a page for No Fat Clips!!! on Mograph Wiki. Feel free to mess with it any way you like it. Or not.
No, non sto per permettere a chiunque di modificare [...]

God of Small Things

They were strangers who had met in a chance encounter.They had known each other before life began.

Looking thru a microscope could really make your omnipotence mania grow larger. Tho’ it might also prove you’re not omniscient.
God of Small Things is beautiful short film, the work of Chris Abbas and Sumit Seru of the elo | [...]

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Marquis of Vaudeville – Bright Star Hope

You’re breaking the ruleYou’re playin’ the fool


“Two young people are enjoying a nice day at the park when all of a sudden darkness comes”, uninvited. A bright star will lead their way to safety.
Marquise of Vaudeville (formerly known as Wonderfool) is: Toby Lawhon, Bryan Geddie, Sean Curtis, Tyrel North and Phil Helms.
The music video has [...]

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Nascar: Photo Finish

Fan Up!


“In a clever stop motion progression from childhood to adulthood, Nascar driver Brad Coleman travels through time as he graduates from one fast set of wheels to another.”
A commercial directed by Nathan Boey and produced by Katie Rauh at yU+co. Executive producer: Carol Wong. Creative director: Garson Yu.
Advert. agency: The Martin Agency. Editors: Jason [...]

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In the Blackout

Love is complicated, especially when two inanimate objects, lost in an underground car park end up finding each other.

In the Blackout is a short film commissioned by Beyond the Valley, telling “the unlikely love story between a Victorian Dress and a Mechanic Overall.”

The short has been directed by Ian Bonhôte AKA Emma and Fernando Reginato AKA DEL and produced at Pulse Films. Writer: Ian Bonhôte.

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The Cliks – Dirty King

I could do the dishes,I could climb your walls.


Playing with high speed cameras (like the Phantom HD), one can easily indulge in too many slow motion scenes. But in this case it might not have been for the bad.
The Cliks is a Canadian rock band, consisting of Lucas Silveira, Jen Benton and Morgan Doctor.
Dirty King [...]

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JUSTIN WEBER – Juiced and Jazzed

In prohibition era 1920s, hot jazz music overcomes a young woman named Lulu after she stumbles upon a flask. Her night on the town is cut short when the long arm of the law intervenes.

Juiced and Jazzed is a short film by Justin Weber, his graduation work at the MCAD.

The film was then completed at Make with the help of Andrew Chesworth, Aaron Quist, and Joe Kim.

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Wolksvagen Touran: Ghost Train

Finalement, c’est bon d’être père.


This commercial will try and fool you into believing that there’s something good about becoming a father. I’m not very persuaded though…
The spot was directed by H5 and produced at Addict Film for RSA. Sound design: Kouz. Creat. agency: Agence.V. for DDB Paris.
3D graphics done at Mikros by a team comprising [...]

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Living Paintings: Clip Updated

The live footage of the video projection by Robert Seidel has been updated with a high definition clip.
Le riprese dal vivo della video proiezione di Robert Seidel sono state aggiornate con una clip in HD.

REFERENCE: Il post di Processes: Living Paintings (Live).

TAKENA NAGAO – Chainsaw Maid

They’re coming!

I guess the image above suffices as a preview and that preparing more images would be a waste of time…
Chainsaw Maid is the story of a woman that would go any distance to give satisfaction to her employers. She won’t be stopped by a bunch of brain eating zombies.
The short film is a claymation [...]

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In Case of Fire – Enemies

Why can’t I just saythere will be a day wheneveryone will hear the truth?Never in this world will we lose control of you.


Everything, is a giant conspiracy, set up especially for you. Everything, including conspiracy theories.
In Case of Fire (formely known as Element) are an alternative rock group from Northern Ireland. Members are: Steven Robinson, [...]

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[BEST OF] June 2009 pt.2

Had too much food. Still trying to digest. Will wake up in a not so remote future…
Heist: gotta hate bugs!
Café Serré: gotta love donuts!
Wood: a surreal musical journey.
When I Grow Up: more weirdness from Martin De Thurah.
Pushkin: kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty…
Iran: A Nation of Bloggers.
Civilization: video collage.
Fly: A bug’s perspective.
Laika: match boxes.
Stopmo: King [...]

[BEST OF] June 2009 pt.1


Spent the morning doing maintenance on the blog, the afternoon to put the new fridge to work, and the evening out for dinner. Now it’s time to go back. In time.
Scoop Volante: the truth is out there. But it’s wrong.
Yar: Better luck next time.
Again to Return: A promise is a promise.
Deceived: 3500 years before Star [...]


A film about solitude, as an universal feeling.
A long journey in solitude searching for hope.
That is life.
Directed by Robin Risser.

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Get Happy Product Now


“The story of an inventor who lives in a drab, colorless world. Day by day, he toils away in a harsh, dehumanizing job, his only savior being the memories of the bliss of childhood.”
“But at night, he works secretly on an invention that could help him relive those memories and spread their [...]

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Without an element of cruelty at the root ofevery spectacle, the theatre is not possible.

Credits: ENG – ITA

Come and go mad!
Demence is a short movie ideated and directed by Alice Bramucci and inspired to the concept of Theatre of Cruelty by Antonin Artaud.
The animations are made using actual paint, spread on photocopies of photos [...]

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While presented with a movie I previously posted (can’t remember which one now), a user of a forum expressed his dislike for “trivial” metaphors.
Instead, I think that movies based on simple (even childish) metaphors might have as much to say as any other movie, as long as they are good movies. And they can reach [...]

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Passing Stones – **** Me Up

HEY! Whazzup, make up!You passed too bad gas!

StSanders shredded the Rolling Stones. What is shredding? Watch the video… (The original video was directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg.)
StSanders ha sgarrupato i Rolling Stones. Cosa sarebbe sgarrupare? Guardate il video… (Regia dell’originale di Michael Lindsay-Hogg.)

via Michael Robinson

DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica **** Me Up in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: MPEG-4 - [...]

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OGG Video and Metadata

From now on, I’ll add meta tags (title, author and genre) to OGV files too, since Videolan 1.0.1 is able to show them.
And guess what? Yes, the Automaton has been updated to handle the new task as well.
Da ora in poi, aggiungere i meta tag (titolo, autore e genere) anche ai file OGV, visto che [...]


Giardini di Mirò – Broken By

“The saddest kiss tells you have loved me too soon.”
Warning: graphic violence!


Can anybody make a beautiful film about something horrible? Obviously, yes. Is this the case? You be the judge.
Giardini di Mirò is a post-rock band based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, formed in 1998 and comprised of: Jukka Reverberi, Lorenzo Lanzi, Mirko Venturelli, Luca Di [...]

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Icad 2008: Titles

If the previous clip wasn’t convincing enough about how perilous the world of advertising is, this one will do for sure.
In this surreal world, even the skilled secret agent will sweat hard to bring the yearned award safe home.
Introducing movie for the ICAD Awards 2008, made again at Piranha Bar. Sound design by Gavin Little [...]

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Icad 2007: Titles

Craft Award

For some people it is that easy. For some people it’s that hard. Whatcha wanna do, c’est la vie.
And by the way, I always always always always always always hated those damn crane games.
Anyway. This sequence was the opening to the 2007 edition of the ICAD advertising awards, produced at Piranha Bar.
Per alcuni è [...]

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Brat Bratu: Title Sequence

The main titles for Brat Bratu are about B&B, a fictional company using a secondhand circus van as transportation.
Brat Bratu (Brother to Brother) is a Slovenian sitcom based on the cult English serial Only Fools and Horses.
The opening sequence has been directed by Žiga Pokorn at NuFrame. Creative agency: Armada.
I titoli di testa per Brat [...]

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Diet for Arthropods

Technorati seems to be headed on his way to the eternal rest. My page is not updated unless I esplicitly ping (it may be a problem of Blogger but I doubt it), same for authority, no answer to support requests, not to speak of extremely annoying ads (occasionally porn), frequent downtime and so on…
So: are [...]

Daniele Silvestri – Una giornata al mare

Better video in the underneath links. (Recommended!)


It took long, but finally, one of my favourite Italian videos is on my little bloggie…
Traveling in time (and thru television formats) you’ll spent a day at the seaside, between old laughing ladies and sweet lonely madonnas. Just to stay alive.
Daniele Silvestri is an italian singer and songwriter, from [...]

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CLAIRE FAUCHÉ – 7Colors for the scents

Seven colours for the rainbow, seven scents for the flip books, seven choices for the sinner…
The olfaloscope is a device that joins sight, touch and smell: a new solution to showcase a perfume, illustrating in picture what the perfumer creates.
The fragrance is sprayed on a flipbook which creates the necessary ventilation required in order to [...]

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Plastic Hut

If the hut’s a-rockin’ don’t come a-knockin’!

Inga and Greta are a-giving an (educational) party in the (educational) plastic hut, and everybody’s a-coming.
“This spoof was inspired by the silly and inexpensive toy of its namesake. Its retro packaging said: funny and educational toy.”
Director Ryan McFaul “decided to put these claims to the test. A week later, [...]

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Archangel – Do it Again

In the morning you go gunningFor the man who stole your waterAnd you fire till he is done inBut they catch you at the border….


Follow the ludicrous adventures of a tiny post it man. (Yes, I just wanted to use the word “ludicrous”…)
Do it Again, a cover of Steely Dan’s song, is a single by [...]

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Fuel TV: Tame the Beast

Can i buy your next bottle of wine?

There is quite a great choice of ways to deal with giant sea snakes: in fact there are more ways than the monster themselves. Here is one way, and quite possibly the coolest.
Tame the Beast is a broadcast animation designed, produced, directed and animated at Elastic for Fuel [...]

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Lingering Taste of Vanished Affection

Wrote a new script to automatically generate the (HTML) credit lists, starting from text files. Obviously, a new module of the mighty Automaton takes care of everything.
Couple more enhancements to the Automaton were necessary for the Barclays post, including an ad hoc routine for Beam TV.
And yes, the title is completely off topic but not [...]

Barclays: Fake

Investment banking

Credits and Info

“Rich with visual trickery, this spot conveys the uneasiness we’ve all been feeling for the past year and a half or so [...] in this very precarious financial climate.”
Reminds of Abre los ojos (or more precisely, Vanilla Sky) with a touch of Truman Show. Or vice versa.
Directed by Nicolai Fuglsig and produced [...]

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Mew – Introducing Palace Players

Every night turned on grey.

Snails. Hoisted objects in the woods. “Basic geometry and existing systems in the world meeting and communicating like they used to. Regrouping slowly into new shapes.” (Source: Dazed)
Mew is a Danish alternative music band consisting of Jonas Bjerre, Bo Madsen, and Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen. Johan Wohlert left the band (in [...]

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Making of Honda Fit: Eyes

DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Making of Honda Fit Eyes in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Making of Honda Fit Eyes in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 5 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Making of Honda Fit Eyes su Vimeo.[Format: Flash Video]

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Audiotransparent – Vague Millimeter

I never thought the north pole could catch fireBut it did…


“A man is living a solitary life on the roofs of his city. The tragedy that occupies his mind, is constantly feeding the distance he feels towards others. The only place that still reminds him of better times, is in his dreams.” And then, one [...]

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A dragon set the village on fire only to lure the knight out of his castle in order to steal his most precious treasure.
Knight Fever is a short movie written, directed and animated by Christopher Minos. Produced by Jo-ann Cook at Crush, Toronto.
Additional Story: Stefan Woronko and Gary Thomas at Crush. Music and Sound Design: [...]

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Tom Fun Orchestra – Throw Me To The Rats

Oh throw me to the ratsThose scathing new age bratsThe blinking eyes of alley catsWatch me sink from where I sat.


“An incontinent cat treads the boards of a vaudevillian cardboard theatre” in this grotesque music video.
The Tom Fun Orchestra is an indie rock ensemble from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, formed in 2005 by singer-songwriter Ian [...]

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Le piranhanha!


A hyperactive kid is interviewed by the makers of a documentary. A documentary about what? Probably not cows and pirañas, but that’s what they end up with.
Lionel is a short film made by four students of the Gobelins school: Gabriel Gelade, Medhi Leffad, Anthony Menard, Matthieu Poirey.
Original music: Vincent Erhart Devay.
Un bimbo iperattivo viene [...]

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Minilogue – Hitchhiker`s Choice

This music video is already a classic (well, three years are almost an era in Internet time scale) so no introduction required.
The clip is the work of Kristofer Ström AKA Ljudbilden. A longer version of it is available on Minilogue’s Animals DVD.
I posted two spots for Carphone Warehouse based on this video: There Was [...]

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Dante`s Inferno: Go To Hell

E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle.

Dante is at it again, fighting his way through the shores of hell to gain back his beloved Beatrice.
Even tho’, as far as I remember, the Comedia was slightly different last time I checked…
Anyway, this is the new (well, not quite anymore) cinematic trailer made by Psyop for the [...]

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Coca Cola: Hidden Formula

Incompertus AequoraAmplus somes a unda

Complete Credits

Hey! Hey! Today I bring you a long lasting secret: where to find the hidden formula of the Coca Cola.
It’s written on a tiny grain of rice, hidden “inside a shell guarded by two hermit crabs which are inside a grandmother’s purse kept in an old Incan chest which is [...]

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One pill makes you largerAnd one pill makes you smallAnd the ones that mother gives youDon’t do anything at all.


And after the dog and the whale, here we go for something bigger. A rabbit. A red rabbit.
Yes, the start out quite small, but that’s also true of some bad habits that, in the long run, [...]

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JONATHAN HOLT – The Dog and the Butcher



It’s time for dinner and our doggy pal is not willing for another round of those kibbles.
The Dog and the Butcher is a short film produced at Ringling College of Art and Design for Jonathan Holt’s senior thesis.
Ora di cene: il nostro amico a quattro zampe non si accontenterà di altri croccantini…
The Dog and [...]

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The Pandas – Belly of the Whale

Il triangolo no, non l’avevo considerato…


And here’s the reason for “every endangered panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground”.
Not really. I’m just reading Pigmy right now and felt like quoting Palahniuk.
The Pandas are an instrumental band out of Worcester, Massachusetts, and comprised [...]

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