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Tomas: Shit TV

In the battle between sex and something else,
something else always loses.

Tomas is the “new book by Ministry of Sound co-founder James Palumbo about the morality (and lack thereof) surrounding the financial crisis.”

The three viral videos has been directed and animated by Mark Warrington. Produced by Adam Jenns and Emma Phillips at Mainframe.

Original artwork by Neal Murren at Breed London. Sound design by Seb Juviler and Kayvan Moghaddassi at SNK.

Tomas è il nuovo libro di James Palumbo, fondatore di Ministry of Sound. Tomas parla della morale (e mancanza di) che circonda la crisi finanziaria.”

I tre video virali sono stati diretti ed animati da Mark Warrington. Produzione di Adam Jenns ed Emma Phillips presso Mainframe.

Artwork di Neal Murren presso Breed London. Progetto del suono: Seb Juviler e Kayvan Moghaddassi presso SNK.

Copyright © 2009
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