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MICHAEL ROBINSON – Agamemnon Counterpart

“In 2571 in the heap of crushed stone among the ruins of that not determined turn blue planet it was found video cassette. The fact that you intend to see, has to it no relation. This is completely different record.”
Agamemnon Counterpart is a short movie directed and animated by Michael Robinson. Music and character design [...]

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Agamemnon Counterpart: HD Pixel Stretch Edit

“To both celebrate and denounce the analog to digital TV transition in the United States, EU, and elsewhere, here is a new version of Agamemnon Counterpart that has been suitably de-mastered to meet high definition picture specifications.”
“Per celebrare e al tempo stesso denunciare il passaggio da TV analogica a digitale, ecco una nuova versione di [...]

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Agamemnon Counterpart

A short video, directed and animated by Michael Robinson in 2005. Music and Character Design by Jason Kovac AKA D2K1.
Un breve video diretto ed animato da Michael Robinson nel 2005. Musica e design dei personaggi di Jason Kovac alias D2K1.

© 2005

TAG: Tutti i post su Agamemnon Counterpart.
DOWNLOAD (720×480): Scarica Agamemnon Counterpart in alta risoluzione.
[Format: Quicktime [...]

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Automaton Sauce

The Automaton is growing. Among the new features are the support for the object tag, for the javascripts, and for “force download” scripts (like the Shilo links posted yesterday).
Here’s how it looks now. If there’s any interest, I’ll make a public release of this version, when I’ll start working on the new one, even [...]

BrotherSister – Still Run

I still run, I still run, I still wander.In our day, everyday, we would wander.And I want to go, were nobody moves.Are you hearing something,don’t let me see you move.


Running in the night can be an adventure. Or even many adventures. I guess it depends on which night you choose.
BrotherSister is an Australian duo comprised [...]

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ROMAIN CARLIER – La bête à bon dieu

Epargne-lacette mouche qui priemains jointes et pieds joints!(Kobayashi Issa)

Little ladybug has got a little problem with doughnuts, but being the Dear Lord’s Beast (at least for the French) has its advantages.
La bête à bon dieu is a short movie by Romain Carlier, student of Supinfocom.
La piccola coccinella ha un problema con le ciambelle, ma essere [...]

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So What – Keep on Running


The pied piper of Hamelin has come to town. And this time he’ll take a lot of prisoners.
So What is a new band from Netherlands who recently collected $50,000 through SellaBand, making it possible to record their first professional CD, entitled Tiptoes.
The music video has been directed by Jelmar Hufen and produced by Maarten van [...]

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There is yet another onethat follows me wherever I go.

When your image in the mirror comes alive, things get weird. But if you complain once more, you’ll meet an army of me!
Someone is an animated short film created by Magali Barbé and Jean Constantial.
“The main idea is the confrontation of someone with him or [...]

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Delphic – This Momentary

Let’s do something real.


The video brings us to the Chernobyl area, shows us the place today, 23 years after the disaster, and the people who still lives there.
Directed by Dave Ma and produced by Neil Andrews at Pulse. Director of photography: Ross McLennan. Editor: Vid Price.
The director wanted to show “portraits of the abandoned town [...]

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Eat Real. Eat Local.

Looks like a typical Canadian family dinner.


The short film explains what is happening to the food system of Canada (as any other highly “developed” country) and why you should care more about what you eat.
The infomercial has been directed by Steve Gordon (live action) and Crush (animation). Produced by Kate Dale at Sons and Daughters [...]

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Carnival of Rust: Link Updated Again

Updated the link to download the music video as requested by mia. Yeah, I know, it took very long.
Aggiornato il link per scaricare il video, così come richiesto da mia. Sì, lo so, ci ho messo davvero troppo.

REFERENCE: Il post di Carnival of Rust.


C’est rigolo mais c’est salaud.


“A film that offers a reflection on addiction: we see the characters struggling, trapped in the gears of mechanisms, in the proper sense, which they can’t escape.”
The self reinforcing mechanism reminds of Hotel California, where “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”.
Accro (short for accroché, which [...]

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Tomas: Shit TV

In the battle between sex and something else,something else always loses.

Tomas is the “new book by Ministry of Sound co-founder James Palumbo about the morality (and lack thereof) surrounding the financial crisis.”
The three viral videos has been directed and animated by Mark Warrington. Produced by Adam Jenns and Emma Phillips at Mainframe.
Original artwork by Neal [...]


Tomas: Champagne Jungle

Warning: not safe for work!

One in a series of three animation for James Palumbo’s novel; directed by Mark Warrington at Mainframe. Based on Neal Murren’s artwork for the book.
Music: Mars, the Bringer of War, first movement from The Planets, the orchestral suite by Gustav Holst.
Una di una serie di tre animazioni per il romanzo di [...]

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Tomas: Hank

Warning: not safe for work!

One in a series of three animation for James Palumbo’s novel; directed by Mark Warrington at Mainframe. Based on Neal Murren’s artwork for the book.
Music: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (L’apprenti sorcier) by Paul Dukas, based on Goethe’s poem.
Una di una serie di tre animazioni per il romanzo di James Palumbo; regia di [...]

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Tomas: Cocks Away

Warning: not safe for work!

One in a series of three animation for James Palumbo’s novel; directed by Mark Warrington at Mainframe. Based on Neal Murren’s artwork for the book.
Music: Ride of the Valkyries (Walkürenrit) taken from The Valkyrie (Die Walküre), part of The Ring of the Nibelung cycle (Der Ring des Nibelungen) by Richard Wagner.
Una [...]

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Pwn3d Noob!


Our hero finds himself face to face with some gangster sharks at the bottom of the sea. Can he krump his way to safety?
The first episode of Dancing Jack, entitled: 5uch a Beeutiful Merning 4 Fshing “dat shawty go hard”.
A film by Grigoris Leontiades. Produced by Richard Barnett at Trunk. Sound by Aaron Lampert. [...]

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Guerrilla Green Power

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the windThe answer is blowin’ in the wind…

This short video was created for the Cut & Paste Competition held in Milan, May 2009.
Director Kobayashi created the video in merely 8 hours, with one week to think about the concept.
The video was shot with a Canon Eos 5D Mark [...]

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Ratamahatta: Link Updated

Posting the Exploit Yourself making of, I noticed that the video for Ratamahatta was not online anymore. In fact I guess my Fileden accounts have all expired since long.
Anyway, the Sepultura video is online again.
As for the Automaton, I’ve added the caching system and support for another embedding script called QTObject.
Postando il making of di [...]

Ranger 3 – Sense of Direction

I just don’t know why.

Little clay woodland animals must deal with snakes and other perils, but all’s good what comes in good claymation…
Ranger 3 is Ronan Burke and Jim Perkins AKA two thirds of Bigo & Twigetti.
Sense of direction is the second single taken from their debut album, entitled Old Simplicity and released on December [...]

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LIONEL CARUANA – Polymorphia

Couvert de papillonsl’arbre mort est en fleurs.

Insect swarms step into war by disguising themselves as big mammals. Butterflies turn into a lion, bees turn into an elephant.
Reminds me of the way complex shapes are built from simple primitives (usually triangles) in 3D modeling software.
The short film is the work of Lionel Caruana, student of the [...]

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Polymorphia: Animatic

DOWNLOAD (600×576): Scarica Polymorphia Animatic in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (600×576): Scarica Polymorphia Animatic in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 1 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Polymorphia Animatic su Vimeo.[Format: Flash Video]
REFERENCE: Il post di Polymorphia.

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HP: Invent

Freakin’ awesome!

A short video made for the D&AD Student Awards 2009, sponsored by Hewlett Packard.
“Focusing on the synchronization of of HP products, printers become an orchestra in an aesthetic symphony conducted by workstations.”
The video has been designed and directed and edited by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth.
The song is Hold Me Back by the Round [...]

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…the answer is blowin’ in the wind.


Here dead we lieBecause we did not chooseTo live and shame the landFrom which we sprung.
Life, to be sure,Is nothing much to lose,But young men think it is,And we were young.
(A. E. Housman)
“The story is about the unexpected meeting between a yellow shirt sailor (responsible for aircraft movement) and [...]

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Exploit Yourself

By yourself, you couldn’t catch a limping snail!

“Exploit Yourself talks about pushing your limits just for the sake of it. Who said life at the city was placid?”
The fictious Nike commercial has been directed by Carl Erik Rinsch. Animation and visual effects by Big Lazy Robot.
The song is The Big Gundown by The Prodigy, cover [...]

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Exploit Yourself: The Making of

Soundtrack: Sepultura, Ratamahatta.

DOWNLOAD (640×360): Scarica Making of Exploit Yourself in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 36 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Making of Exploit Yourself da Biglazyrobot.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 36 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
DOWNLOAD (640×360): Scarica Making of Exploit Yourself in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: [...]

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I’ve added No Fat Clips!!! to Networked Blogs. There’s not much there yet, but perhaps it’ll grow.
The Automaton now supports QT Write Object, the javascript used on bigfish to embed movies.
I’ve also added an experimental function to try and spell the name of a site by reading the site pages.
Also, I’ve added support for MP3 [...]

Olympus: PEN Story

Old memories come alive and then we know.


A life told in images. That’s what all film making is about. But in this case that is literally true.
They shot 60000 pictures, developed 9600 prints and shot over 1800 pictures again.
The technique has been used many times (in the Wolf and Pig short cited by the source, [...]

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Gay Village 2009: Promo

Everyone is gay.What else could I write?I don’t have the right


Got fetish? ‘Cause there’s a lot in there. Just step in and don’t feel ashamed of enjoying (or of not enjoying.)
A promo for Gay Village directed by Daniele Napolitano at Cut and produced at ANG Creazioni.
Art direction: Stefano Gianfreda. Project manager: Stefano Caridi. Director of [...]

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News? What News?

Some of you sent me an invitation to be their friend on Facebook via mail, rather than adding me or my page directly. Sorry, but those link won’t work for me: I’m always redirected to my home page.
The Automaton corner: I always hated when people embed a MOV file that’s not actually a movie but [...]

Mennen: Speed Stick

Macho, peli nel petto, ascella sudataAcquaragia, mutande ragno, alabardaMennen, Mennen, il dopobarba che preferiscoSuperIgnazio!

Want to rage on your roller skates for the streets of Los Angeles, jumping from skyscrapers roof and thru car windows? Just put on the right deodorant and you’re in.
A viral directed by Michaël Bombeeck and produced at Dr. Film. Reminds of [...]

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Carry On: The Making of

An interesting featurette about the making of the music video directed by Christen Bach for Carry On.
Interessante contributo sulla realizzazione del video musicale per Carry On diretto da Christen Bach for.

DOWNLOAD (720×540): Scarica Carry On (Making of) in alta risoluzione.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 23 MB - Running Time: 3 min.]
DOWNLOAD (720×540): Scarica Carry On (Making [...]

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The Tech Corner

Just switched from PHP4 to PHP5. Some of my scripts are not working anymore; will fix later. Done!
Two other blogs are online at Qblog: HD Videos (English) and Videoclip (Italian).
In other news: the Automaton (whinow supports for external download links. That make posting Fight or Flight really straight and error proof.
Next feature: I’d like to [...]

John West: Row



“The ad charts the journey of an experienced fisherman as he brings his fresh catch of fish straight from the sea to the store.”
The spot was directed by Gemma Burditt and produced by James Jeffreys at Onward.
Post produced at 422 Manchester. Editor: Andy Hunwick. Director of photography: Alex Ryle.
Creative agency: Cheethambell JWT. Creative director: Andy [...]

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ABOVE – The Naked Truth

Believe nothing!

“Don’t be shy, take a peek behind the curtain” and find out the truth yourself. You won’t believe what you see…
A street installment by Above to remind us that “the truth hurts, but is all there is”.
Soundtrack: The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Roisin Murphy and J-Live. (Source: Aston) The song [...]

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Dieter Schoon – Mary Jane

Je suis vraiment dégueulasse.


It’s a hard life when you’re a beauty pageant and everybody wants you to smile and smile and smile again.
Dieter Schöön is a Swedish singer. Mary Jane is featured on his album Lablaza.
The music video, starring Simona Nasi, was directed by Francesco Calabrese at Souljacker.
By the way, this is the unofficial Spaghetti [...]

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United Way: Choices

There can be a better way.Help her find it.


United Way is an international organization whose aim is to improve people’s life by helping them to achieve their individual potential.
This beautiful animation directed by We Are Om (Anton Groves, Damian Groves, Richard Hardy) promotes their Romanian section.
Illustration by Andy Luke AKA Sinboy. Animation by: Adrian Aghenitei, [...]

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Fuel Tv: Fight or Flight


The eye versus the heart. Who is going to win? And why are they fighting? Or flying for that matter…
A nice ID designed, animated and finished at Elastic TV and produced for Fuel TV.
Music and sound design the work of Tim Boland and Sam Retzer at Echo Park.
L’occhio contro il cuore. Chi vincerà la sfida? [...]

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Sour – Hibi no neiro

Warning: don’t try this at home!

Credits and Info

A genius piece of low fidelity, highly funny digital patchwork. A music video starring the Internet, that is you. Almost.
Sour is a Japanese post-rock band formed in spring 2002 by hoshijima, Sohey and KENNNNN.
Hibi no Neiro (Tone of Everyday) is the lead single to their first mini album [...]

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Police: Be Younique

It’s time…


That you have an enormous ego or just an enormous schwanzstucker, the new contest held by Police, Be Younique, might be your chance to become very popular.
The viral video was directed by Lorenzo Fonda AKA Cerberoleso and produced at Mercurio Cinematografica.
It looks kind of like a horizontal version of the Ever Falling Man viral [...]

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MTV – Wake Up: Intro

Waaaake uuuup!

The main part of the Wake up broadcast package made for MTV. Not sure I’d like to wake up that way.
Directed by Tomas Garcia and produced by Fernando Sarmiento at Peppermelon.
Parte principale del pacchetto Wake up realizzato per MTV. Non credo che gradirei svegliarmi a quel modo.
Regia di Tomas Garcia; prodotto presso Peppermelon [...]

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MTV – Wake Up: Bumpers

Very very short blips, part of a broadcast package made for MTV. Made me hungry.
Directed by Tomas Garcia and produced by Fernando Sarmiento at Peppermelon.
Brevissime animazioni, parte di una serie realizzata per MTV. Fanno venire fame.
Regia di Tomas Garcia; prodotto presso Peppermelon da Fernando Sarmiento.

DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica MTV Wake Up Bumpers in alta risoluzione [...]

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Technicalities and more Credits

No posts and no clips make DeK something something.

Ok, this is the last tech post for a while, I promise. I’ve put Thickbox back in place. Can’t use it for previews, but is still good for single images and credits.
Also, added the Automaton a slight function, to tell absolute URLs out of relative URLs, developed [...]

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Eros is about a blind person (Nick Jacobs) who was never been able to imagine the world around him.
How does he cope with this lack of sight? Why isn’t he able to project his own world inside of his head? When he meets a curious girl (Rianne van der Schoot) all of this is gonna [...]

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I hate popups. Who loves them, anyway? Still, it seems that I can’t have fancy box and fancy gallery together at the moment.
Since nofatclips and dekku.nofatclips are two different domains, calling scripts from one site to the other is a potential security issue, and then forbidden.
The problem will solve once and for all when I’ll [...]


e lei, tutto ad un tratto non parlava…


When a little girl finds a doll house in the garbage and asks her daddy to bring it home, the robot living in the toy has his stroke of luck. Or ain’t he?
Little Big Love is a short movie written, directed and animated by Tomas Mankovsky, who also [...]

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Preview: where Credit is due

The system I developed yesterday for the preview is kind of complicated in its structure but allows me to generate the whole thing automagically, with just a line of code… kindly provided by the Automaton!
I use Greybox to make the fancy box appear when you click. I’ve actually had to modify the script, removing the [...]

VALERE AMIRAULT – Great Glutton Island

Previewing: first attempt


Fishing is usually seen as a relaxing hobby. Well, try telling that to the fishes. Or to the unlucky fisherman who picked up the wrong fish.
Great Glutton Island is a funny short movie by Valere Amirault, a student of Supinfocom.
P.S. Check out the preview and tell me if it works and how should [...]

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Experimenting (a little more)

I’ve opened a new place on Qblog: called it Alta definizione (Italian for HD). The idea is to make several thematic blogs.
This is in order to try out Wordpress. The WYSIWYG editor still sucks, but it can be disabled.
And we got thumbnails, at least for one post. Still not convinced about them, but there is [...]

Aus – With Rain

tao k’o tao fei ch’ang tao


There was something undefined and complete, existing before Heaven and Earth. It may be regarded as the mother of all things. Truthfully it has no name, but I call it pie!
Aus is the musical project of Yasuhiko Fukuzono, also curator of the independent record label Flau.
With Rain is a track [...]

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We assume that mental life is the function of an apparatus to which weascribe the characteristics of being extended in space and of being madeup of several portions: the Id, ego and super-ego.
Freud, An Outline of Psychoanalysis (1940)

When Daniel Dennett said (in his Darwin’s Dangerous Idea) that evolution can be explained using only “cranes” (as [...]

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Speak your Mind: Thumbnails or Rotator?

You might have noticed that both images on Sita are rotating: if you reload the page, they change.
Some time ago, visitor Stellar Drift asked for a series of thumbnail, somewhat like I did in the post for Your Woman.
I was thinking that adding a javascript that reload the image when you hover on it with [...]

NINA PALEY – Sita Sings The Blues

She is the most beautiful woman in the world.Her skin is fair like the lotus blossom.Her eyes are like lotus pools.Her hands are like, uhm, lotuses.Her breasts are like big, round, firm, juicy lotuses!

The 2008 animated feature film written, directed, produced and animated (etc…) by Nina Paley.
Sita Sings the Blues “intersperses events from an episode [...]

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Experimenting (just a little)

In the past few days I played a little with the website and some other software.
First: I managed to download an RTMP stream (this stream to be precise) using Wireshark to track down all the information needed to rip it off.
It took all the afternoon but in the end it turned out to be much [...]