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Ikea: Home

Ikea: Home - MPEG-4 clip
It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, how elaborate or simple, how cheap or expensive. There’s no place like home.

The spot has been directed by Martin de Thurah and produced by Christian Zethner at Bacon Copenhagen.

Post production made at Duckling. Director of photography: Kasper Tuxen.

Creatives: James Godfrey and Michael Robert at Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded agency. Agency producer: Christina Erritzøe.

Non importa quanto grande o piccola sia, semplice o elaborata, economica o costosa. Casa è dove posso stare in pace.

Lo spot è stato diretto da Martin de Thurah e prodotto da Christian Zethner presso Bacon Copenhagen.

Post prodotto presso Duckling. Direttore della fotografia: Kasper Tuxen.

Creativi: James Godfrey e Michael Robert presso l’agenzia Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded. Produttore d’agenzia: Christina Erritzøe.

© 2008

Home - The Most Important Place in the World

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LINK: Visita Kasper Tuxen.

LINK: Visita Duckling.

LINK: Visita RBLM.

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    And again, some cool CGs from E3…
    This one is pretty much action-packed, for the game HUXLEY:

    Another one for ROGUE WARRIOR:
    I may be wrong but I think it's Mickey Rourke's voice…

    A kitchen fight for THE AGENCY:

    And finally, UNDEAD KNIGHTS :

    Enjoy & ciao,


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