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[BEST OF] April 2009

Perhaps this time I’ll try to be more selective than I use to be on monthly digests. Or maybe not.

Bendito Machine 3: dead gods.

Electric Self: life and death.

Lo guarracino: love, honour and vengeance.

Condoms are bad: no, really!

Love Hurts: love and death.

Tesfaye: save the trees.

Infinite Self Portrait (x2): machineries.

Parallelostory: beyond physical limits.

Black Amplifier: BOOM!

Breaking Precedent: surviving reminiscence.

Subprime: out of control.

Lost and Found: lost without you.

Magari stavolta provo ad essere più selettivo di quanto lo sia di solito quanto faccio questi post mensili. O forse no.

Bendito Machine 3: gli dei morti.

Electric Self: vita e morte.

Lo guarracino: amore, onore, vendetta.

Condoms are bad: davvero!

Love Hurts: amore e morte.

Tesfaye: salviamo gli alberi.

Infinite Self Portrait (x2): macchinari.

Parallelostory: oltre i limiti fisici.

Black Amplifier: BOOM!

Breaking Precedent: sopravvissuta reminiscenza.

Subprime: fuori controllo.

Lost and Found: persa senza di te.

ARCHIVE: Tutti i post del 04/2009.

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  1. George | 29 May 2009 at 11:37 | Permalink

    Nice list. Since posting about it, I’ve actually sort of warmed to the new Bendito Machine.

    One quick question, I don’t know if you’ve set it up this way intentionally, but it’s kinda a pain to leave comments on videos since I have to go to a new page, write my comment without access to the original post text, scroll down to the post button to submit and then find my way back to the main page again (there’s no back button anywhere). On our site we power our comments with Disqus, which eliminates a lot of hassles. To integrate Disqus ( would probably take about 5-10 minutes of html copying and pasting. Just a suggestion.

    It’s possible that you created this system intentionally to limit spam and to avoid getting overloaded by people like me pestering you, and if that’s the case, disregard this comment.

  2. DeK - Delirium et Kaos | 30 May 2009 at 03:35 | Permalink

    I’ve switched to the embedded comment form. Better?
    I remember I disabled this for a reason, but can’t remember why…

  3. DeK - Delirium et Kaos | 2 June 2009 at 09:47 | Permalink

    Switching back to the old template, since this one is Javascript dependent and incompatible with some browsers.

  4. Beleth | 3 June 2009 at 08:02 | Permalink

    i love this blog!!!
    thank for the short films!!!!

  5. DeK - Delirium et Kaos | 3 June 2009 at 08:59 | Permalink

    I love to be loved :D

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