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Arte: Gesichter

Vivons curieux.

Arte: Gesichter - MPEG-4 clip
Be curious. Satisfy your curiosity. Keep your mind open as your eyes. And stare at the camera.

Gesichter (Faces) is a charming video made for the broadcast redesign of Arte TV.

Directed by Gabi Madracevic, and co-directed by Andrea Bednarz. Produced at We Love Film.

Sound design: NovaProd. Music composed by: Keren Ann and Tibo Javoy. Produced by Catherine Lagarde and mixed by Christophe Hammarstrand.

Creative agency: LuxLotusLiner, Munich, Germany. Creative team: Gabi Madracevic, Arne Tympe, Andrea Bednarz, Julie Siemens.

NOTE: The three minute video has an extra minute filled with several short IDs.

Sii curioso. Soddisfa la curiosità. Tieni la tua mente aperta come i tuoi occhi. E fissa la cinepresa.

Gesichter (Facce) è un incantevole video realizzato per la nuova immagine di Arte TV.

Diretto da Gabi Madracevic, e co-diretto da Andrea Bednarz. Prodotto presso We Love Film.

Progetto del suono: NovaProd. Musica composta da: Keren Ann e Tibo Javoy. Prodotta da Catherine Lagarde e mixata da Christophe Hammarstrand.

Agenzia creativa: LuxLotusLiner di Monaco, Germania. Team creativo: Gabi Madracevic, Arne Tympe, Andrea Bednarz, Julie Siemens.

NOTA: Il video da 3 minuti ha un minuto extra formato da diversi brevissimi ID.

© 2008
thanks Ludo!
Arte: Gesichter

DOWNLOAD (768×576): Scarica Gesichter
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 177 MB - Running Time: 3 min.]

DOWNLOAD (768×432): Scarica Gesichter
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 20 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]

DOWNLOAD (768×576): Scarica Gesichter
[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]

MAKING OF: Il post di The Making of Gesichter.

LINK: Visita We Love Film.

LINK: Visita Novaprod.

LINK: Visita Luxlotusliner GmbH.

LINK: Visita Arte TV.

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  1. Anonymous | 4 May 2009 at 07:10 | Permalink

    As far as I'm concerned, the best TV channel in France = informative, interesting, open-minded, German & French melting pot

    And this ad nails it.



  2. DeK - Delirium et Kaos | 4 May 2009 at 10:19 | Permalink

    Yep. And the only good reason to own a free-to-air satellite decoder in Italy.

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