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Birdpen – Breaking Precedent

Blatant ignorance
reaching death
perhaps everyone needs.

Birdpen: Breaking Precedent - MPEG-4 clip
In a post apocalyptic world somebody is still singing the disconnected story of the human race. A surviving reminiscence, perhaps an admonition for all the other living things.

BirdPen are Mike Bird, Dave Pen and James Livingston Seagull. Breaking Precedent is featured on their latest album On/Off/Safety/Danger.

The music video was directed by Simon Gesrel, previously here with his video for Zombie Zombie.

Assistant director: Xavier Ehretsmann. Animation: Dorian Gaudin. Post production: Julien Baré, Nathalie Paire, Adam Tamel, Stéphanie Laplatte, Christophe Lavacry.

Produced by Frédéric Poulain at Chalet Pointu. Co-producer: Philippe Aigle.

In un mondo post apocalittico, qualcuno ancora canta la storia disconnessa della specie umana. Sopravvissuta reminiscenza, forse un monito per gli altri esseri viventi.

I BirdPen sono Mike Bird, Dave Pen ed il gabbiano James Livingston. Breaking Precedent si trova sul loro ultimo album, On/Off/Safety/Danger.

Il video musicale è stato diretto da Simon Gesrel, già qui con il suo video per gli Zombie Zombie.

Assistente in regia: Xavier Ehretsmann. Animazione: Dorian Gaudin. Post produzione: Julien Baré, Nathalie Paire, Adam Tamel, Stéphanie Laplatte, Christophe Lavacry.

Prodotto da Frédéric Poulain presso Chalet Pointu. Coproduttore: Philippe Aigle.

© 2009
Birdpen - Breaking Precedent

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LYRICS: Le parole di Breaking Precedent.

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