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Alela Diane – White As Diamonds

Our lives are buried in snow.

Alela Diane: White As Diamonds - MPEG-4 clip
Sometimes life can be as good as it can be. Does this makes any sense to you? I hope so.

Alela Diane Menig is an American singer and songwriter, who is associated with the psych folk and New Weird America musical genres. (Source: Wikipedia)

White As Diamonds is a single taken from her second album, entitled To Be Still and released on February 2009 for Rough Trade and Fargo Records.

The music video has been directed by Ryan Jeffery.

La vita, a volte, riesce ad essere tanto bella quanto bella riesce ad essere a volte la vita.

Alela Diane Menig è una cantautrice americana generalmente associata ai generi musicali psych folk e New Weird America.(Source: Wikipedia)

White As Diamonds è un singolo tratto dal suo secondo album, intitolato To Be Still ed uscito nel febbraio 2009 per Rough Trade e Fargo Records.

Il video musicale è stato diretto da Ryan Jeffery.

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Alela Diane - White As Diamonds

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