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The best thing I know is to do exactly what you wish for a while.

A love story set in a place that I learned to love, and I’m loving to learn.
A girl (Debora Antonaci) “misses her train to Milan and is set to wait overnight in Rome until dawn. A chance encounter with a guy [...]

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N.A.S.A. – Gifted

Merry Christmas

“We slowly drift into a picturesque frame of deep outer space. Stars shine brilliantly, distant planets glow and nebulas bleed abstract forms of color into the darkness.” (Source: Original Treatment for Gifted)
N.A.S.A. (North America South America) is an ongoing creative collaboration between Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon.
Their song features singers Santogold and Lykke [...]

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Gifted: Flux Premiere


The clip for Gifted premiered at Flux 2009, at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.
Il video di Gifted ha esordito al Flux 2009, presso lo Hammer Museum di Los Angeles.

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DOWNLOAD (GOOD Q.): Scarica Gifted Premieres at Flux.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 36 MB - Running Time: 7 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Gifted [...]

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Gifted: First Week Progress


This was the progress print at one week from the delivery of Gifted.
Ad una settimana dalla consegna di Gifted, questa era la situazione…

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DOWNLOAD (GOOD Q.): Scarica Gifted First Week Progress.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 56 MB - Running Time: 4 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Gifted First Week Progress.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 61 [...]

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Gifted: Animation Tests

Check out!

Some preliminary designs, motion tests and a lot of other nonsensical stuff for Gifted.
Disegni preliminari, test di animazione, ed altra roba senza senso per Gifted.

TAG: Tutti i post su Gifted.
DOWNLOAD (GOOD Q.): Scarica Gifted Animation Tests.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 47 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Gifted Animation Tests.[Format: Quicktime - Size: [...]

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Gifted: Original Animatic


The original animatic for Gifted, the video directed by Three Legged Legs for NASA.
L’animatic originale di Gifted, il video diretto dai Three Legged Legs per il brano di NASA.

TAG: Tutti i post su Gifted.
DOWNLOAD (GOOD Q.): Scarica Gifted Animatic.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 33 MB - Running Time: 4 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Gifted Animatic.[Format: Quicktime - [...]

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ALESSANDRO CIMA – Kingdom Of Moderate Sunshine

We shall meet in the place were there is no darkness.

In the day of the liberal revolution, I thought I could post the “kind of film that might play on Winston Smith’s telescreen in his Oceania home from George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.”
The film has been made by Alessandro Cima “using original HD footage [...] [...]

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RANSOM RIGGS – Portable Living Room

Hi Grandma!

“When a young boy (Justin Marco) finds himself stuck at Grandma (Phyllis Friedel) house for the weekend, there’s only one way out”: the hallucinogenic power of granny’s feet.
Written and directed by Ransom Riggs. Produced by Soo Hugh and Kenneth Segna. Production design: Tom Lisowski.
Director of photography: Nelson Cragg. Editor: Tom Gould. Art direction: Natalie [...]

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Bendito Machine: Post Updated

I’ve updated the first episode of Bendito Machine with the MP4 e OGV clips.
Ho aggiornato il primo episodio di Bendito Machine con le clip MP4 e OGV.

REFERENCE: Il post di JOSSIE MALIS – Bendito Machine.

LAYLA ATKINSON – Newsround on Knives

No ParkingGarage In Use

An animated documentary about knife crime in the United Kingdom, “from the point of view of both the perpetrator and victim.” First aired on 27 March 2008 on CBBC (Children’s BBC).
The film has been directed by Layla Atkinson. Produced by Kez Margrie and Richard Barnett. Production company: Trunk Animation.
Newsround (originally John Craven’s [...]

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JOSSIE MALIS – Bendito Machine 2

Con tutte quelletutte quelle bollicine…

Milking a dead cow has become a widespread sport nowadays. One wonders if all the “milk” is just a collective hallucination.
Created by Jossie Malis and produced at Zumbakamera, the short has been animated by Jossie Malis and Pau Martinez.
Music by Manel Gil. Sound by Jossie Malis.
The first episode of Bendito Machine [...]

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Dúnadan in Ecstasy

There is no real going back. Though I may come to the Shire,it will not seem the same; for I shall not be the same.I am wounded with knife, sting, and tooth, and a long burden.Where shall I find rest?

Sorry, I’m (again) a little busy but things should kind of calm down for the end [...]

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BRUCE BRANIT – World Builder


A man (Brian Paulette) “builds a world using holographic tools for the woman (Erin McGrane) he loves.”
A short film written, directed and produced by Bruce Branit, who previously brought you 405.
Visual effects and editing: Bruce Branit. Director of photography: Roger Branit. Additional 3D: Justin Sirois, Nathan Warden.
Music composed by Randy J. Skack and produced [...]

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N.A.S.A. – Way Down

Don’t ask me where I’ve been.

“A bit of a love story, or gangland romance – like a modern day West Side Story told on the streets of California with birds.” (Source: Flux)
N.A.S.A. (North America South America) is an ongoing creative collaboration between Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon.
Their song features singer Barbie Hatch, rapper RZA, [...]

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Way Down: Making of the Death Spiral

Still I roam this Earth, like the prince of darkness.

via Flux
TAG: Tutti i post su Way Down.
DOWNLOAD (640×360): Scarica Death Spiral.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 13 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Death Spiral.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 13 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Death Spiral.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 7 MB [...]

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Stygg – Lunacy

The swedish directors Punx (Johan Bring and David Strindberg) has made a sci-fi music video for their music band project.
Reminds me of Italo Calvino’s La forma dello spazio (The Shape of Space).
I registi svedesi Punx (David Strindberg e Johan Bring) hanno realizzato un video fantascientifico per il loro progetto musicale.
Mi ricorda La forma dello spazio [...]



Just spent a couple of minutes to fancify No Fat Clips’ Odeo page. Not very fond of the result, but still better than before.
Also, fixed the link for the medium quality version of Siempre me quedara, as requested via Meebo.
Ho speso un paio di minuti ad abbellire la pagina Odeo di No Fat Clips!!! Niente [...]


The Electric Self: Not with a Bang

This is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsNot with a bang but a whimper.

“A ghost fights her memories.” Not with a Bang is an expressionist addition to The Electric Self anthology.
It could be the ghost of Nature who destroys the world created by humans. [...]

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Music Max: Summer

Where music lives

The funny characters from the first Where Music Lives are back: “a rollicking ride through the streets lands them in the heart of Summer at Bondi.”
The spot reunites the team who worked on the first installment: director Ben West, character animator Geoff Valent, lighting specialist Ben Malter…
The song is Life, Love, & Laughter [...]

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In vellum motion is form and form is motion…

Looking for the face of humanity in the way man has shaped Nature, in his own image, the image of Man.
Robert Seidel, designer and maker of both the video and audio, synthesized the architectural Zeitgeist of Jena (Germany) his home town, and brought it to Seoul (Korea), [...]

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The Rogue Element – Escalation

Dilemma! Decision! Disaster!!!

A double headed Meccano robot bootstraps and learns how to break dance.
A music video directed by Ted Moore, previously here with the video for Hive.
Un robot a due teste auto costruitosi col Meccano impara la break dance.
Video musicale diretto da Ted Moore, già nostro ospite col video per Hive.

© 2009 Exceptional Records Ltd.
thanks [...]

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Office Max: Life is Beautiful

Work can be too.

And the moral is: life is as beautiful as work. Or, at least, that’s what I was able to work out of it. Oh, and rubber band balls are cool. Especially those which grow on trees.
The spot was directed by Ben Go and produced by Jennifer Sofio at Brand New School, Los [...]

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Bourbon Shopping: Mandalas

No need to shop around.

A mandala made up of plastic bottles? Why not! And what about sushi? It will open you to a whole lot of brand new perspectives. On shopping.
The spot has been directed by Luiz Evandro and produced at Sentimental Filme, São Paulo.
“It’s made to be exhibited only at the cinemas inside the [...]

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Honda Odyssey: Van Stunts

The van’s still rockin’

Memorable footage of cool vans from 1980s TV and movies is mixed with new footage in this new commercial for Honda vans.
The spot has been directed by Jonathan Wu at Stardust Studios via Darnell Works.
Director of photography: Pat Notaro. Editor: Michael Merkwan. Executive producer: Paul Abatemarco. Producer: Josh Libitsky.
Creative agency: RPA, Santa [...]

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Angels: Clip Updated

On his website, Jo Vermaercke posted a better clip for this spot: updated the old post. Also, don’t miss the photo gallery.
Sul suo sito, Jo Vermaercke ha postato una clip migliore dello spot: aggiornato il vecchio post. Da vedere: galleria fotografica.

REFERENCE: Il post di RVS: Angels.

Canadians – Ring of Fire (Piazza Delight)

The taste of love is sweet

Covers come out better early in the morning. That must be the effect of the bacon in the breakfast.
Piazza Delight is one of the shows produced by Pronti al Peggio (Italian for Prepared for the Worst) a musical web TV created by Andrea Girolami and I ragazzi della prateria (Carlo [...]

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Just for a preview how would it be a fully hosted blog, I’ve modified the tags to point towards
Example: sex. The post on NASA’s video has plenty of other tags to have some fun with.
Ingredients for the hack: a little change to the layout, a custom htaccess and a PHP script. Add Curl and [...]

N.A.S.A. – The People Tree

Tasty little human beingsI grow them on the people treeI will eat them one by oneIf there’s enough for everyone.

An apocalyptic view of the world. Or: a worldly view of the apocalypse. I guess it’s the same…
N.A.S.A. (North America South America) is an ongoing creative collaboration between Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon.
The People Tree [...]

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Nascar: Underground

Spanish visual effects studio La Huella reprises the gimmick used for Metro de Madrid and blends CGI with live action footage.

The spot, for the 2009 Nascar season on Fox TV, has been developed by Fox Sports Design. Creative Directors: Mark Simmons, Robert Gottlieb. Live Action Director: Mark Simmons. Editor: Kirk Smith. Flame: Kevin Prendiville.

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Bellavista Social Pub: Hi-Fi

Hanno trovato gli strumenti buoni.

If I should live in an album sleeve, I’d probably choose some blues album. But I guess jazz ones ain’t that bad.
Hi-fi is a promotional video for the upcoming concerts season of the Bellavista Social Pub, an Italian pub franchising line.
It is also a celebration for 70th anniversary of the Blue [...]

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Frito Lay Chips and Dip: Made for Each Other


An extremely nice series of spots for things that go together well. Stand with An Eye for Annai, Une histoire vertebrale, Hedgehug…
Creative agency: Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, San Francisco.
Creative directors: Rick Condos and Hunter Hindman; art director: Jessica Feeney; copywriter: Alexandra Tyler; executive producer: Amanda Cox; producers: Julie Hart, Jonathan Percy. (Source: The Inspiration Room)
Logo [...]


Made for Each Other: Little Bright Eyes

This medicine’s experimental.

You won’t believe those eyes…
The spot has been directed by Fons Schiedon and produced at PostPanic.
Character animation: Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet at Birdo Studio. Assistant animators: Pedro Eboli, Rafael Gallardo.
The song is Vertigo by Anya Marina. The directors cut features music by Bram Meindersma.
Non crederete agli occhi…
Lo spot è stato diretto da [...]

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Made for Each Other: Love and Sockets


The story of little Boris, a light bulb looking for his perfect match.
The spot has been directed by David Lobser and produced at Blacklist.
Executive producers: Adina Sales and Aaron Kisner. Producers: Karen Lawler and Alexander Unick.
Animation: Peter Richardson and Ian Brauner presso Little Sister. Rigging: Gwen Murray, Yaron Canetti. Modeling: David Avetisov. Matte painter: Kristian [...]

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Made for Each Other: Firesprite

I’ll take a look around

“Life can get a little complicated when you torch everything around you. So what’s a friendly little Fire sprite to do?”
The spot has been directed by Pistachios and produced at Blacklist.
Executive producers: Adina Sales and Aaron Kisner. Producers: Karen Lawler and Alexander Unick.
The song is East End Blues by Leon Jean-Marie, [...]

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Made for Each Other: Circles

Running around

Story about a small yellow circle who feels like a misfit in the green world around him.
The spot has been directed by Romain Segaud and produced at Paranoid.
The song is Color the World by Rabbit!, that is Ashton Allen and Devin Moore.
Storia di un cerchio giallo che si sente emarginato nel mondo verde che [...]

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Made for Each Other: The Magnet

So much better

Cute little magnet is looking for his opposite for instant and overwhelming attraction.
The spot has been directed by Tom & Mark and produced at Nexus. Illustrations by Adrian Johnson.
The song is Two Hearts are Better Than One, by Katie Herzig.
Simpatico magnete cerca dipolo opposto per fulminea ed irresistibile attrazione.
Lo spot è stato [...]

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Georgia Fields – Drama on the High Seas of Emotion

Time is creeping, is crawling

The ship is on its usual course to nowhere. It won’t stop just to get you off. Gotta dive and swim, this time.
Georgia Fields is an indie pop singer from Melbourne, Australia. Her debut album, Drama on the High Seas of Emotion, was independently released in 2007.
The music video has [...]

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Drama on the High Seas of Emotion: Visual Effects

(Before and) After Effects

REFERENCE: Il post di Georgia Fields – Drama on the High Seas of Emotion.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Drama on the High Seas of Emotion Effects Rundown.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Drama on the High Seas of Emotion Effects Rundown.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 3 [...]

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Adding Canonical URL to Blogger posts

Just noticed from the Webmaster Tools, that Google is indexing a whole lotta duplicate content. Using the information provided on Google Webmaster Central, I’ve modified my template to add Canonical URL link pointing to the post Permalink, which basically means: I tell search engines which page to index.
It’s the first time I use the new [...]

Lobo Gris – Vendaval

Desperté y encontre un hoyo azul,un ave de pie…

“Light and speed that never find each other through time…” That’s when you’re peeking into life from outside.
Music and images by Gustavo de la Torre Casal AKA Lobo Gris. Produced by En Teoría.
“Luce e velocità che non si incontrano mai nel tempo…” Ciò che accade quando si [...]

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The Advertiser: The Most

Make the most of every day.

A nice series of spots weaving “together unforgettable events as documented by The Advertiser“, Adelaide newspaper.
The Unforgettable and Change spots involve “an intricate narrative and fine detailing with animated reveals and transforms throughout.”
The Instant Prizes spot features Slavomir, an “unassuming paper reading commuter” in “a cross between a side-scroller platform [...]


The Advertiser: Unforgettable

…that matters to us

DOWNLOAD (594×334): Scarica Unforgettable.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 11 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Unforgettable.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 11 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Unforgettable in finestra.
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Unforgettable.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 6 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
LINK: Visita Resin.
LINK: Visita KWP!
CODECS: Ogg – [...]

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The Advertiser: Instant Prizes

Just Add Water

DOWNLOAD (594×334): Scarica Instant Prizes.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Instant Prizes.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Instant Prizes in finestra.
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Instant Prizes.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
LINK: Visita Resin.
LINK: Visita [...]

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The Advertiser: Change

The Most.

DOWNLOAD (594×334): Scarica Change.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 5 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Change.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 5 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Change in finestra.
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Change.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 6 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH (LO RES): Guarda Change in finestra.[Format: Flash Video]
LINK: [...]

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Art Spiegelman`s Be a Nose: Promo

A rare glimpse into the secret scribblings of an American original.

What’s in the head of a comics author? And what’s in the head of his characters? Does the author know it? And what’s in my head, bu the way?
Art Spiegelman is an American comics artist, best known for his Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel memoir, [...]

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What was due is given

Just used my first wage to renew hosting (for two years) and the domain registration.
Also, now No Fat Clips!!! has “unlimited” bandwidth and disk space, so I might think of hosting the whole blog in house.
Also: proper respect to the PHP.JS project for having made the impossible quite easy.
Ho usato il mio primo stipendio per [...]

eFTe radzi: Advices for Ethical Consumerism


Shown below are six short animations concerning ethical consumption, made for the informative campaign by Polish organization eFTe.
I really love the papercuts SLASH stock clipart style (which is also relevant to the matter).
The commercials have been directed and animated by Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski. Music and sound Grzegorz Mańko AKA The Myself Collective.
Di seguito, [...]


eFTe radzi: Think of Others, Buy Responsibly

Wspieraj innych, kupuj odpowiedzialnie.

I must admit I’m quite ignorant about fair trade market. I’ll try and fill this gap as soon as possible.
Ammetto di essere ignorante sul commercio equo e solidale. Colmerò questa lacuna quanto prima.

TAG: Tutti i post su eFTe radzi.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Think of Others, Buy Responsibly.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 18 MB [...]

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eFTe radzi: Buy Local Products

Zmniejsz dystansm, kupuj lokalne.

The many many travels of Mr. Potato lead to disaster. He ain’t got a ticket to ri-ide.
Si sa che la patata è buona in tutte le salse; ma la salsa che fanno qui è insuperabile…

TAG: Tutti i post su eFTe radzi.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Buy Local Products.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 19 MB [...]

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eFTe radzi: Your Money Creates the World

Twoje pieniądze kształtują świat.

Rube Goldberg devices (remember The Incredible Machine, by the way?) are put to a good use, illustrating sustainable economy.
Macchine di Rube Goldberg (ricordate The Incredible Machine?) sono impiegate con uno scopo: illustrare l’economia sostenibile.

TAG: Tutti i post su eFTe radzi.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Your Money Creates the World.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 19 [...]

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eFTe radzi: Nothing is Disposal

Poużywaj sobie, raz nie wystarczy

If Travis Bickle was to live today, he’d be a recycling geek. And would get the girls.
Se Travis Bickle vivesse oggi, sarebbe un nerd del riciclaggio. E cuccherebbe.

TAG: Tutti i post su eFTe radzi.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Nothing’s Disposal.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 24 MB - Running Time: 100 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica [...]

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eFTe radzi: Save Energy for the Future

Zachowaj energię na przyszłość oszczędzaj

You don’t need to be Superman to save energy. And thus saving the day and the world.
Non devi essere Einstein per praticare quel po’ di risparmio energetico in grado di cambiare le cose.

TAG: Tutti i post su eFTe radzi.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Save Energy for the Future.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 20 [...]

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eFTe radzi: Do not Risk. Recycle

Nie ryzykuj segreguj

It came from the rubbish… And since you can’t get something out of nothing, that should mean that rubbish is something.
Essi arrivano dalla spazzatura… E siccome non si ottiene nulla dal nulla, significa che che la spazzatura deve essere qualcosa.

TAG: Tutti i post su eFTe radzi.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Don’t Risk. Recycle.[Format: MPEG-4 [...]

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Sportsday Megaphone – Meet Me In The Middle

HD Video available in the underneath links.

Like a barber shop sign, the video goes up and down — No! That’s the see-saw… — goes round and round and changes all the time, adding meat to the menu until it comes to its end.
Sportsday Megaphone is the audio project of Hugh Frost. MMITM is a single [...]

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[BEST OF] December 2008 – pt.3

Yes, really.
“Music is…“: freedom.
Aviator: it’s Christmas time! Well, it was.
Santa Goes South: the story of Santa Claws.
Warhead: Bang! Your’re dead.
The Amazing Adventures of Kid Cole & Klay: Titles for the animated series.
King of Magazines: meet Mimi Wobbly.
La soupe à l’engrais: Fertilizer soup.
Henri’s Hands: small hands.
A Pickled Sunday: pop music from Thailand.
Glory At Sea: gorgeous movie [...]

[BEST OF] December 2008 – pt.2

Sommore stuff.
Must Drink (even) More Milk: online films.
Hey: A little girl and a huge toad.
Tentacles: ewwwwwww.
The Comedown: Predator’s got issues.
Ken Russel Season: for Channel Four.
Clayton Brothers: for Fuel TV.
Oomper Oomper: a direct and reverse engineering of life, universe and eveything.
Lucía: la mentirosa.
Piove deserto: the monster loses it all.
The Spider: based on the work of Gabor [...]

[BEST OF] December 2008 – pt.1

December is not exactly last month, but I kind of slacked lately, you know…
Mr. Ando of the Woods: Humans are the cancer of the Earth.
A Conversation: A journey.
Hive: Origami bugs.
Adjustment: Ian Mackinnon’s masterpiece.
Carrboro Film Festival Intro: let’s go.
Rock my Boat: music video for Dntel.
Paperdex: not vegetable friendly.
The Collectors: toys, toys, toys.
Sea of Breath, Cloud of [...]

(En)terrados: Italian subtitled version

Alex Lora kindly sent me the actual poster for the film and an Italian subtitled version.
Alex Lora mi ha gentilmente inviato il poster ed una versione con sottotitoli in italiano.

grazie Alex!
REFERENCE: Il post di (En)terrados.

Alela Diane – White As Diamonds

Our lives are buried in snow.

Sometimes life can be as good as it can be. Does this makes any sense to you? I hope so.
Alela Diane Menig is an American singer and songwriter, who is associated with the psych folk and New Weird America musical genres. (Source: Wikipedia)
White As Diamonds is a single taken from [...]

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Cassie Awards: POV

The Creative Presentation.

Here’s this commercial about commercials that introduces the Cassie Awards, an event of ICA Canada, the Institute of Communication Agencies.
POV (Point Of View) was directed by Ante Kovac and produced by Cat Nolte at Sons and Daughters. Executive producer: Dan Ford.
Creative agency: DDB Canada. Creative: Andrew Simon. Executive producer: Andrew Schulze.
Post produced by [...]

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Maliki v/s Trukillo

En esta esquina…

This ain’t Sparta. This is madness!!!
Marcela Trujillo, from Santiago, Chile, is the author of this short film inspired to the silent era cartoons as well as to the work of Ralph Bakshi and John K.
She’ll be boxing with Maliki, the character of her comic, in a violently happy explosion of cartoonity.
Animation: Luis Acosta, [...]

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Ego Sum: Clip Updated

As requested, Ego Sum (Alpha & Omega) is online again. Many thanks to Billerr, whose backup worked better than mine.
Come richiesto, Ego Sum (Alpha & Omega) è di nuovo online. Mille grazie a Billerr, i cui backup hanno funzionato meglio dei miei.


MATO ATOM – Headache

Not today, honey.The recession gave me headache.

As stated in another short movie (Docking): make astro physics, not wars.
Headache is a fun and keen little film created by Mato Atom for DAHRA and Amnesty. The original post also points to Palestine is Still the Issue, a documentary film by John Pilger.
Music by Nine Inch Nails from [...]

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