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Lighthouse - MPEG-4 clip
“Sometimes being responsible is a burden. A lopsided obligation. A lonely and thankless job. In the wonderfully animated short film Lighthouse, a grumpy lighthouse keeper makes sure that a safe little seaside town stays that way, by dutifully maintaining the beacon that shines above it.”

A short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual.

Produced at ProMotion and Exopolis by Michael McCarthy and James Neale. Executive producers: Ernie Schenck, Bryan Sweeney, Scott Hainline.

Concept artist: Cecil Kim. Character design: Joe Kennedy. Editor: Terry Cafaro.

Animation director: Stefan Wernik. Technical director: Matt Ebb. Animators: Jeremy Davidson, Lee Salvemini.

Music by Shawn Lyon and sound design by Scot Lang, both of them at Braincloud.

More shorts on the Responsibility Project website, if you can deal with the odious Flash player. I can’t.

“A volte, la responsabilità è un peso. Un obbligo senza ricompense. Un lavoro solitario. Nel bellissimo corto animato Lighthouse, un infelice guardiano del faro fa sì che una tranquilla cittadina di mare resti al sicuro, prendendosi scrupolosamente cura del faro che la sovrasta.”

Un corto animato di Charlie Short e Ming Hsiung realizzato per la campagna Responsibility Project di Liberty Mutual.

Prodotto presso ProMotion ed Exopolis da Michael McCarthy e James Neale. Produttori esecutivi: Ernie Schenck, Bryan Sweeney, Scott Hainline.

Artista concettuale: Cecil Kim. Design dei personaggi: Joe Kennedy. Montaggio: Terry Cafaro.

Direttore dell’animazione: Stefan Wernik. Direttore tecnico: Matt Ebb. Animatori: Jeremy Davidson, Lee Salvemini.

Musiche di Shawn Lyon ed effetti sonori di Scot Lang, entrambi presso Braincloud.

Altri film li trovate sul sito del Responsibility Project, se riuscite a sopportare l’odioso player Flash. Io no.

© 2008 Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

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MAKING OF: Il post di Making Lighthouse.

INTERVIEW: L’intervista Interview with Lighthouse Directors.

LINK: Visita Responsibility Project.

LINK: Visita ProMotion Studios.

LINK: Visita Exopolis.

LINK: Visita Braincloud Sound.

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