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Audi: Unboxed

Unbox the box!

Audi: Unboxed - MPEG-4 clip
I guess the point of this ad is not to show the endurance of the new car, even though…

The spot was directed by Aaron Duffy at 1st Ave Machine and Russell Brooke at Passion Pictures. Creative Director: Arvind Palep at 1st Ave. Animated at Passion.

Producers: Belinda Blacklock, Anna Lord. Executive Producers: Serge Patzak, Michael Adamo.

Creative agency: BBH, London. Creative directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark. Creatives: Maja Fernqvist, Joakim Saul. Producer: Olly Chapman.

The song is The Car Song by Woody Guthrie.

Immagino che il punto non fosse mostrare la resistenza della nuova auto, tuttavia…

Lo spot è stato diretto da Aaron Duffy presso 1st Ave Machine e Russell Brooke presso Passion Pictures. Direttore creativo: Arvind Palep di 1st Ave. Animazione: Passion.

Produttori: Belinda Blacklock, Anna Lord. Produttori esecutivi: Serge Patzak, Michael Adamo.

Agenzia creativa: BBH, London. Direttori creativi: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark. Creativi: Maja Fernqvist, Joakim Saul. Produttore: Olly Chapman.

Il brano è The Car Song di Woody Guthrie.

© 2008
Audi: Unboxed

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