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We Are Wolves – Coconut Night

Warning: nudity.

We Are Wolves: Coconut Night - MPEG-4 clip
Strange rituals are taking place in coconut nights. In fact, coconut nights look a lot like morning.

We Are Wolves are a Canadian indie rock band, based in Montreal, consisting of Alexander Ortiz, Vincent Levesque and Antonin Marquis.

Coconut Night is a single taken from their second album, Total Magique, released on September 2007, for Dare To Care Records.

Music video directed by Jérémie Saindon. Dir. of photography: Christophe Collette. Art director: Simon Rouillard.

Visual effects by Vincent Poitras, Jonathan Piché Delorme and Simon Devault at Rodeo FX.

Production manager: Véronique Denis. Producer: David Valiquette at Dare to Care Records.

Si tengono strani rituali nelle notti del cocco. In effetti, queste notti del cocco fanno molto mattina.

We Are Wolves è un gruppo indie rock canadese, di Montreal, formato da Alexander Ortiz, Vincent Levesque ed Antonin Marquis.

Coconut Night è un singolo tratto dal loro secondo album, Total Magique, uscito nel settembre 2007, per Dare To Care Records.

Video diretto da Jérémie Saindon. Direttore della fotografia: Christophe Collette. Dir. artistica: Simon Rouillard.

Effetti visivi: Vincent Poitras, Jonathan Piché Delorme e Simon Devault presso Rodeo FX.

Direttore di produzione: Véronique Denis. Produttore: David Valiquette presso Dare to Care Records.

© 2008

We Are Wolves: Coconut Night

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