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The Tiny – Dirty Frames

The Tiny: Dirty Frames - MPEG-4 clip
Those dirty frames are much much more interesting than tidy ones, in my opinion.

The Tiny consists of the swedish couple Ellekari Larsson and Leo Svensson, sometimes joined by Johan Berthling.

Dirty Frames is a single taken from their 2006 album entitled Starring; Someone Like You and released for Eyeball Records.

The music video has been directed by Magnus Renfors and Alexis Holmqvist. 3D animation: Special Effekter.

A mio parere, questi quadri sporchi sono molto più interessante di uno pulito.

I Tiny sono il duo svedese formato da Ellekari Larsson e Leo Svensson, a volte accompagnati da Johan Berthling.

Dirty Frames è un singolo tratto dal loro album del 2006, intitolato Starring; Someone Like You ed uscito per Eyeball Records.

Il video musicale è stato diretto da Magnus Renfors ed Alexis Holmqvist. Animazione 3D : Special Effekter.

The Tiny - Dirty Frames

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LINK: Visita Special Effekter.

LINK: Visita The Tiny.

LINK: Pagina di The Tiny su MySpace.

LINK: Pagina di Magnus Renfors su MySpace.

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  1. Matthew | 11 December 2008 at 11:01 | Permalink

    Strange music video, but I really liked the graphical composition used here. Through the whole thing, the camera is panning back and exposing more elements of the scene.

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