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Santa meets an hungry frog in this short film directed by Stephane Coedel as the Christmas card of Sherbet in 2006. Babbo Natale incontra un rospo affamato in questo corto diretto da Stephane Coedel come cartolina di Natale 2006 per Sherbet.
© 2006

STEPHANE COEDEL - Xmas Frog - MPEG-4 clip

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Xmas Frog.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 14 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]

DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Xmas Frog.
[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 6 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]

WATCH (GOOD Q.): Guarda Xmas Frog in finestra.
[Formats: Flash Video, AVI]

LINK: Visita Sherbet.

CODECS: OggFlash

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