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Samsung G800: How we Met

Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble.

Samsung G800: How we Met - MPEG-4 clip
Not the latest spot, but a great one. The story of your love is written on your skin. Or something like that.

The spot has been directed by Jake Lunt, created and produced at The Viral Factory. Producer: Patrick Duguid. Editor: Jamie Foord.

Animated by Pat Beirne at Spy Pictures. Assistant animator: Emily Woodburn.

The song is Goddamn by The Son of Dave. Sound mix: Dave Ball.

Non è l’ultima novità, ma è un bello spot. La storia del tuo amore l’hai scritta sulla pelle. O qualcosa del genere.

Lo spot è stato diretto da Jake Lunt, creato e prodotto presso The Viral Factory. Produttore: Patrick Duguid. Montaggio: Jamie Foord.

Animatore: Pat Beirne presso Spy Pictures. Assistente animatore: Emily Woodburn.

Il brano è Goddamn dei Son of Dave. Mix audio: Dave Ball.

© 2007
Samsung G800: How we Met

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LINK: Visita The Viral Factory.

LINK: Visita Jake Lunt.

LINK: Visita Spy Pictures Ltd.

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