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JEREMIAH DICKEY: Ideation - MPEG-4 clip
“A riff on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and Metaphor of the Sun, from The Republic.”

A short film designed and directed by Jeremiah Dickey. Music: Stephen Thomas Cavit.

Animation: Nouri Zander, Jeremiah Dickey. Background art: Joanna Dickey. Composition: Jeremiah Dickey, Mario Camacho. Art assist: Greta Scheing.

“Corto sul mito della caverna e la metafora del sole di Platone, da La repubblica.”

Breve opera, il cui design e la regia sono di Jeremiah Dickey. Musica: Stephen Thomas Cavit.

Animazione: Nouri Zander, Jeremiah Dickey. Sfondi: Joanna Dickey. Composizione grafica: Jeremiah Dickey, Mario Camacho. Consulenza: Greta Scheing.

© 2007

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LINK: Visita Jeremiah Dickey.

LINK: Visita Alright… OK Music, Inc., sito di Stephen Cavit.

LINK: Visita Jeremiah Dickey.

LINK: Visita Greta Scheing.

IMDB: Pagina di IdeationJeremiah Dickey

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