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Dunkelziffer e.V.: Tentacles

If sexually abused children never get help,
they never outgrow their trauma.

Dunkelziffer EV: Tentacles - MPEG-4 clip
This will make you feel quite uncomfortable. A very powerful way to represent the matter, light years away from the corny commercials I see on TV.

The spot has been directed by The Vìkings and produced by Luke Jacobs at Rokkit.

Director of Photography: Sam Brown. Editor: Paul Hardcastle. Post production: Absolute Post. Sound design: 750 mph.

Agency: Red Rabbit. Creative Directors: Oliver Seltmann, Jan Fröscher. Copywrite and art direction: Joakim Reveman, Bjoern Ruehmann, Matthew Branning.

Questa vi farà alquanto rabbrividire. Una maniera davvero potente di rappresentare la materia, anni luce distante dagli spot melensi che passa la nostra TV.

Lo spot è stato diretto da The Vìkings e prodotto da Luke Jacobs presso Rokkit.

Direttore della fotografia: Sam Brown. Montaggio: Paul Hardcastle. Post produzione: Absolute Post. Progetto del suono: 750 mph.

Agenzia: Red Rabbit. Direttori creativi: Oliver Seltmann, Jan Fröscher. Copywrite e direz. artistica: Joakim Reveman, Bjoern Ruehmann, Matthew Branning.

© 2008

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Dunkelziffer EV: Tentacles

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WATCH (LO RES): Guarda Tentacles in finestra.
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LINK: Visita Red Rabbit.

LINK: Visita Rokkit.

LINK: Visita 750mph.

LINK: Visita Absolute Post.

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