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AMANDA PALMER – Leeds United

Who needs love when there’s law & order.

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AMANDA PALMER: Leeds United - MPEG-4 clip
People get quite nervous when soccer fans come in while the singer is singing and the dancers are dancing.

Amanda MacKinnon Palmer is a singer and song writer, part of the “Brechtian punk cabaret” duo The Dresden Dolls.

Leeds United is a single taken from Who Killed Amanda Palmer, her latest album, produced by Ben Folds.

The music video, featuring the Whoopee Beaux Belles, has been directed by Alex de Campi. Choreography by Steven Mitchell Wright.

The clip has been produced at Irresistible Films and commisioned thru Radar Music Videos.

Director of Photography: Joe Dyer. Voice over: Des O’Connor. Art Direction: Jenny Ray.

Amanda Palmer claimed Roadrunner Records had wanted to pull certain shots from the video that exposed her stomach, because they thought she looked fat. After her fans read about this, they immediately posted pictures of their bellies online with messages to Roadrunner, lyrics, and words of comfort.” (Source: Wikipedia)

La gente si fa nervosa quando, mentre la cantante canta e le ballerine ballano, i tifosi di calcio entrano in campo.

Amanda MacKinnon Palmer è una cantautrice, parte del duo di “cabaret punk Brechtiano”, The Dresden Dolls.

Leeds United è un singolo tratto da Who Killed Amanda Palmer, il suo ultimo album, prodotto da Ben Folds.

Il video musicale, con le ballerine Whoopee Beaux Belles, è stato diretto da Alex de Campi. Coreografie: Steven Mitchell Wright.

La clip è stata prodotta presso Irresistible Films e commissionata attraverso Radar Music Videos.

Direttore della fotografia: Joe Dyer. Presentatore: Des O’Connor. Direzione artistica: Jenny Ray.

Amanda Palmer ha dichiarato che la Roadrunner Records voleva eliminare dal video le scene in cui si vedeva il suo stomaco, perché pensavano che sembrasse grassa. A seguito di ciò, i fans hanno immediatamente postato immagini delle loro pance online, con messaggi per Roadrunner, testi, e parole di conforto.” (Fonte: Wikipedia)

© 2008 Roadrunner Records

AMANDA PALMER - Leeds United

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