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Audi Q5: Synchronized

Perfectly synchronised engineering.

Audi Q5: Synchronized - MPEG-4 clip
Psyop shows “the principle of synchronicity” (Einstein wouldn’t approve) and finds “interesting ways to create real images of driving using thousands of perfectly synchronized humans holding cards.”

Creative agency: Heimat, Berlin. Creative Directors: Marco Spier, Eben Mears at Psyop and Guido Heffels at Heimat.

3D Lead artist: Florian Witzel. Design: Anh Vu. Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan. Editor: Graham Brennan, Cass Vanini.

Produced by Susanne Ehlers at Stink, Gunnar Meyer at Tempomedia and Jen Glabus at Psyop.

Executive producers: Boo Wong at Psyop, Vera Portz at Tempomedia and Nils Schwemer at Stink. Music and sound design by Drazen Bosnjak at Q Department.

Click for more credits. A question and answer with the authors is on Glossy as well.

Psyop mostra “il principio della sincronicità” (Einstein non appreverebbe) e trova “spunti interessanti per creare immagini di auto in movimento usando migliaia di tessere umano perfettamente sincronizzate.”

Agenzia creativa: Heimat di Berlino. Direttori creativi: Marco Spier ed Eben Mears di Psyop con Guido Heffels di Heimat.

Artista 3D principale: Florian Witzel. Design: Anh Vu. Storyboard: Ben Chan. Montaggio: Graham Brennan, Cass Vanini.

Produzione: Susanne Ehlers presso Stink, Gunnar Meyer presso Tempomedia e Jen Glabus presso Psyop.

Produttori esecutivi: Boo Wong presso Psyop, Vera Portz presso Tempomedia e Nils Schwemer presso Stink. Musica e sonoro:Drazen Bosnjak presso Q Department.

Clicca per altri credit. Trovate anche un domanda e risposta con gli autori su Glossy.

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Audi Q5: Synchronized

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LINK: Visita Psyop.

LINK: Visita Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH.

LINK: Visita Q-Department.

LINK: Visita Heimat Berlin.

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