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Videotape - MPEG-4 clip
A pixilation horror story about the struggles of an old man (David Goldsmith) “against a peculiar videocassette recorder and an army of tape.”

A short film by Toast Films, that is the collective work of Andrew Goldsmith and Jeremy Blode.

Music written and performed by Jonathan Dreyfus. Recorded, mastered and mixed by Laurence Sergovich at 666 Records.

“The entire film is stop motion animation and was shot on a Canon EOS 400D SLR; it is 1,283 individual photos. No digital effects were used.”

Storia horror in pixilation sulla lotta di un vecchio uomo (David Goldsmith) “contro uno strano video registratore ed un esercito di nastro.”

Un corto di Toast Films, ossia il collettivo formato da Andrew Goldsmith e Jeremy Blode.

Musica composta ed eseguita da Jonathan Dreyfus. Registrata, masterizzata e mixata da Laurence Sergovich presso 666 Records.

“L’intero film è animato in stop motion e girato con una Canon EOS 400D SLR; si tratta di 1283 singole foto. Non sono stati usati effetti digitali.”

thanks Andrew!
spotted on Channel Frederator

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LINK: Visita Toast su Facebook.

IMDB: Pagina di Videotape (2008)Andrew GoldsmithJeremy Blode

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