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SIMON ROUBY – Le presage

“But I saw it and it was a crow!” I insisted.
“You saw nothing, you fool,” [...]
“What you saw was not an agreement from the world.
Crows flying or cawing are never an agreement.
That was an omen.”
“An omen of what?”
“A very important indication about you…”.

Carlos Castaneda, “Viaje a Ixtlán”

Le presage - MPEG-4 clip
“Long before asphalt covered the primeval land, crows and rocks held visions and signs. And unknown fruits could become omens of another reality.”

Le presage (The Omen) is Simon Rouby’s graduation film, made at Calarts in 2007 during the exchange program between Gobelins, L’ecole de l’image, and California Institute of the Arts.

Sound: Gregory Vettraino.

“Tempo prima che l’asfalto ricoprisse la terra, i corvi e le rocce racchiudevano visioni e segni. E frutti sconosciuti divenivano presagio di un’altra realta.”

Le presage (Il presagio) è il film di diploma di Simon Rouby, realizzato presso la Calarts nel 2007 durante il programma di scambio fra Gobelins, L’ecole de l’image e California Institute of the Arts.

Sonoro: Gregory Vettraino.

© 2007
Le presage

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