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Fuel TV Signature Series #19: Todd Francis

Mongoloid he was a mongoloid
Nobody even cared.

Fuel TV Signature Series 19: Todd Francis - MPEG-4 clip
Beware the pigeons. Turns out that those flying rats do the right thing sometimes.

A new installment in the Fuel TV Signature Series, based on the artworks by skateboard artist Todd Francis.

Animated at Ka-chew. The music comes from a 4-track recording of Devo’s Mongoloid provided by Mark Mothersbaugh. (Source: Fuel TV)

Attenti ai piccioni. Anche se sembra che a volte, ’sti topi volanti facciano la cosa giusta.

La nuova puntata della Signature Series di Fuel TV è basata sull’opera dell’artista degli skateboard Todd Francis.

Animazioni: Ka-chew. La musica viene da una registrazione a 4 tracce di Mongoloid dei Devo fornita da Mark Mothersbaugh. (Fonte: Fuel TV)

Fuel TV Signature Series #19: Todd Francis

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LINK: Visita ka-chew!

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